TCB-Arrow Ltd

TCB-Arrow is a successful global organisation providing components and assembly solutions in thermoplastic and elastomer materials. Developing long term partnerships with customers, where ideas take shape from concept through to full scale manufacture.

TCB-Arrow has been established for 25 years with a proven track record in design, development, mould tooling and manufacturing. Offering total solutions to the Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Defence and Industrial market sectors.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Moulding

TCB-Arrow had the foresight to invest several years ago in liquid silicone moulding for the automotive industry, and have subsequently developed their compatibilities in other market sectors i.e. Medical and Aerospace. The Group invested last year in a fully electric LSR machine making TCB-Arrow the first company in the UK to have one. The ongoing strategy in LSR has proved highly successful and has allowed their customers to continually develop their products in turn maintaining and increasing their market share.

Thermoplastic and Elastomer Moulding

Using TCB-Arrow's in-house state of the art facilities allows customers to develop concepts through to manufacture. Machines press ranging from 10 ton develop machines to 650 ton presses (1.5kg shot weight). In addition working in close partnership with polymer suppliers TCB-Arrow can offer leading polymers i.e. thermally conductive, electrically conducting and metal alternatives.

Design and Tooling

Through manufacturing feasibility studies TCB-Arrow work in partnership with their customers to ensure component designs are commercially viable and ensuring manufacturability. The in-house Toolroom allows high tech mould tooling to be either manufactured in the UK or overseas. A key area of the business is preventive maintenance and traceability of tooling to ensure product reliability.

TCB-Arrow Ltd Overview