TCC Concrete Cutters

Technical Concrete Cutting Limited provide a professional, prompt, competitive service to Southern England in Drilling, Sawing, Crushing and Specialist Demolition.

Our Experience Covers:

Diamond Drilling, Diamond Sawing, Concrete Drilling, Floor Sawing, Dowel Hole Drilling, Ring Sawing & Chain Sawing, Wire Sawing & Wall Sawing, Concrete Bursting & Crunching, Thermic Lancing, Robotic Demolition, Concrete Coring, Concrete Demolition

Concrete Drilling Contractor

We offer support on new build contracts and on specialist projects, such as basement construction, hospital remodeling, commercial and retail refurbishment. We are noted particularly for our techniques in sensitive enviroments.

Technical Concrete Cutting Beats Vibration by use of robotic powered saws and crushers.

Diamond Drilling Company

We are a Diamond Drilling Company that offer a highly professional service to London and the southern parts of England.

Concrete Coring

Confined spaces can be entered with robotic breaking machines with operator away from the work face with remote controlled operation via radio signal.

At Technical Concrete Cutting we've gained a reputation for providing a fast and efficient service to our customers.

Concrete Sawing

Ring and Chain Sawing

Wire Sawing

Track Sawing

Electric/Diesel Slab Sawing

Diamond Drilling

Stitch Drilling

Diamond Drilling

Dowel Hole Drilling

Robotic Demolition

Remotely operated electric machines fitted with crushing jaws, breakers and planers. Operatives position themselves away from the machine totally eliminating any exposure to body or hand/arm vibration.

Concrete Crushing

Hand held machines to crush redundant slabs, walls and staircases up to 450mm thickness with minimal disruption. Large digger mounted crushers to rapidly break through substantial structures.

Thermic Lancing

Thermic Lancing will tackle the tough jobs that other methods struggle with. Ideal for heavily reinforced concrete structures, beams, columns, piles with large diameter rebar, RSJ's ect.

TCC Concrete Cutters Overview