We design and manufacture adiabatic coolers designed to be used with either air blast coolers or air cooled condensers. Our adiabatic coolers are specifically designed where the water outlet or refrigerant condensing temperatures are to be lower than the summertime dry bulb temperature.

We consider our adiabatic coolers to be the safest and most reliable as there are numerous safety measures and failsafe mechanisms built in.

Dry Air Coolers

Our dry air coolers are designed to pre-cool the air that comes into the heat exchange coils of V-type or flatbed units. Our dry air coolers can condense temperatures as low as 5° Celsius above the wet bulb temperature.

If you would like to find out more about our dry air coolers and systems, please contact us for more information.

Dry Air Coolers

Air Cooled Condensers

We supply air cooled condensers and they are available for use with all common refrigerants. Steam condensers are available for certain applications with pressures of between 2 bar and 10 bar.

There is an option on our air cooled condensers to have a sub-cooling circuit to give condensate temperatures of circa 85° Celsius.

Air Cooled Condensers

Air Blast Coolers

We have a comprehensive selection of air blast coolers designed with your needs in mind and are ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Our air blast coolers have many options with standard specifications to make sure there is an air blast cooler that is right for you.

Air Blast Coolers

Air Blast Water Coolers

We have a selection of air blast water coolers that are predominantly used in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Our air blast water coolers have many features and benefits including:

  • Multiple fixed fan speeds
  • Control panels
  • A range of materials to extend their life span in harsh environments
  • Flexible unit orientation
  • Twin / double bank coil coolers
Air Blast Water Coolers

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