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PretonSaverTM is the award winning print and toner optimisation software. Preton uses patented algorithms to save toner and ink while maintaining print quality. Completely manufacturer independent, it works with your entire Windows based printer fleet, allowing you to analyse your print output and apply policies to make the maximum savings

Spool Queue and Output Management

Save time and money managing your print and electronic output. Regardless of your unique OS and application mix, our solutions provide a single point of control over every output server, queue, device and job. Easy to install and easy to manage, our solutions go way beyond the typical native print spooler. They work transparently to ensure reliable information delivery, reducing the stress and burden on IT and Help Desk staff.

PC Power Saving

Remote PC Shutdown provides a centralised solution to automatically schedule the powering down/up of workstations to reduce power consumption when not in use whilst accommodating out-of-hours software updates.

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