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Tecan is a world-class, ISO 9001:2000 registered precision metal part and tool manufacturer, offering 4 key solutions to the electronics and precision engineering industries:

* SURFACE MOUNT (SMT) STENCILS - Combining knowledge of the latest Surface SMT requirements with extensive manufacturing experience, class-leading SMT stencil solutions are offered using PCM (industry-known as precision etching), electroforming and laser cutting technologies.

* RADIO FREQUENCY INTERFERENCE (RFI) SHIELDING - Standard and bespoke RFI shielding solutions to meet the very latest Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directives.

* PRECISION METAL PARTS AND TOOLING - offering the total "one-stop" contract-manufacturing solution, from technology development through to rapid prototyping and volume production. Years of process development have culminated in Tecan being able to cost-effectively manufacture metal parts and tools with feature sizes down to 2-micron at sub-micron accuracy. To achieve this level of precision, Tecan utilises three core process technologies: Photo Chemical Machining (PCM), Photo ElectroForming (PEF) and Micro-scale Photo Electroforming (Micro-PEF).

* HIGH QUALITY METAL FINISHING - with a purpose-built, high-specification metal finishing facility, a wide range of bespoke solutions are offered to OEMs and niche operators with the most demanding metal finishing requirements.

Tecan works on a global basis with a diverse range of OEM & CEM customers, who are involved in a wide array of industries. The nature of Tecan’s competences, combined with its commitment to R&D, allows it to stretch to meet the requirements of virtually any application.

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