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Established in 1990, we are a foam manufacturer who develop and provide a variety of high quality, engineering-biased, innovative foam and rubber products for use in a diversity of global industries.

From our base in Northamptonshire, we operate advanced conversion and production facilities. We supply our expansive customer base with various standard and custom foam products suited to an array of applications.

As a successful foam manufacturer, we also have professional engineers who work as part of our in-house team. It is here; we also manufacture tooling and tailored machinery for bespoke rubber and foam projects. Our qualified engineers are involved in every stage of production from initial design through to manufacture and production.


We offer a comprehensive list of foam types ready for a diverse range of uses and suited for a wealth of sectors. Our foam stock includes, among many, polyurethane foams, polyethylene foams and reticulated foams.

We also supply memory foams such as visco-elastic foams and foam sponges like sponge pore, natural and cellulose sponges.

We also have a range of coloured foams, polished foam, protective foams, and protective foams for body armour.

Foam Products

Our foam products combine advanced engineering and foam conversion processes to create foam products excelling in quality and customer satisfaction.

We aim to continually develop foam products and provide our customers with flexible foam solutions to meet their exact requirements.

Our foam products include a stocked range of rubber and foam sheets, block, and rolls and have over 300 foam grades.

Foam Rubber Converters

We have used our many years experience in the industry to develop a range of foam rubber solutions and are globally recognised as leading foam rubber converters.

The years spent as foam rubber converters means we can offer a range of flexible solutions and offer a variety of closed and open cell foam rubber materials.

We provide Neoprene, known for its temperature tolerance and resistance to fire, UV, ageing, oils and chemicals. They are suited to a range of domestic and industrial applications. We also have EPDM available and PVC Nitrile.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is now recognised worldwide with the help of its use in mattresses and pillows, but we have been exploiting the properties of memory foam for a lot longer.

We have developed and manufactured memory foam products for more than just standard goods. We take the properties of the foam and harness them to create a range of products encompassing a wider range of industry specific sectors.

For example, we have used memory foam to manufacture computer keyboard supports, therapeutic pillows, helmet linings, and stress relief toys.

Medical Foams

Our medical foams are designed especially for the medical profession and because of this the developments of foam products need to ensure many factors these include skin irritation, sterilisation, performance, and bio-compatibility.

Our varied medical foams and applications include heat and moisture exchange, wound dressings, surgical aids, medical support and devices, clean room swabs and wipes, hydrophilic foams, surgical pads, and sponges.

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