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We design and manufacture new screws for specific replacement on existing equipment, or we can bespoke new screws for particular requirements.

We manufacture a range of sizes from 20mm to 160mm and we have a wide network of partnerships to enable us to source and create new screws in other available sizes. Our new screws are constructed from En41B (905M39) nitriding steel and can be treated and finished in a variety of coatings.

New Barrels

We design and manufacture new barrels from nitriding steel (EN41B) with a bi-metallic bore. They can be designed with any bore size and offer users a high quality, superior performance for general purpose applications.

New barrels are specifically ideal for corrosion and higher wear applications and the nitride layer penetrates to a depth of 0.6mm and a hardness of 65-70 HRC.

Out new barrel can be supplied with a diversity of bore linings depending on the use. 

Screw Refurbishment

With over 27 years experience, we have become experts on screw refurbishment and can renovate screws up to 6100mm in length. Our screw refurbishment service uses materials such as Stellite 6, 12, 1, and Colmonoy 56.

We can also refurbish screws with additional surface coatings like tungsten coating, hard chrome plating and nitriding. Our screw refurbishment procedure starts with cleaning screws to remove any existing products and after grinding, to remove all damage and wear, and create a clean diameter. The screw will be repaired to an exceptional high standard. At the end of the procedure, the screw is polished, inspected and then packed ready for dispatch.

Barrel Refurbishment

Our barrel refurbishment service can refurbish worn extruder barrels and refurbish the screw to suit a new barrel size. If a barrel is manufactured from En41B, we will re-nitride the barrel to its original hardness.

We can also provide barrel refurbishment for barrels in use in the rubber and feed industry barrels. Barrel refurbishment for feed applications include spiral and straight fluted barrels, twin screw modules, single and twin screw liners and mild steel and stainless steel trough type transfer barrels. 

Tie Bar Repair

We offer tie bar repair services and renovate damaged tie bars used in high pressure die casting and injection moulding machines. Tie bar repair is often excessively expensive, but we offer the repair service at highly competitive prices and we have excellent lead times.

Our tie bar repair procedure includes the full weld and re-machine and a new end to match the original part. We also offer de-chroming and re-chroming services.

Screw Tip Assemblies

Our screw tip assemblies can be used in the majority of injection moulding machines and are manufactured from D2 tool steel and hardened.

Screw tip assemblies can be produced from various other materials and for a range of machinery brands. You can contact us and we will advise you on the screw tip assemblies. The brands we have manufactured screw tips for include Arburg, Battenfeld, Billion, Demag, and Engal.

Feed Liners

We can provide smooth feed liners in nitrided steel or bimetallic and are manufactured from EN41B nitriding steel.

Feed liners are often used in the extrusion industry and can be smooth or grooved to aid the feeding of material. We can supply smaller sized bimetallic feed liners from stock material.

Die And Breaker Plates

We manufacture die and breaker plates in a variety of sizes and configurations and can be used as direct replacement for OEM parts.

Our die and breaker plates are produced in EN41B nitriding steel, H13 tool steel, and P20 mould tool steel. We also manufacture in hastaloy C276 and stainless steel. 

General Engineering

Our general engineering services are available through our range of high quality machining facilities. Our general engineering services consist of equipment including lathes up to 7500mm and CNC lathes up to 3000mm.

We also have cylindrical grinding up to 6200mm and a range of milling and drilling services available.

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