With the latest Fanuc wire machines, all machines can be run 24 hours a day to reduce lead times. CAD-CAM facilities enable us to program from your drawing, or we can accept your CAD file in DXF or IGES format.

Press Tools

Wire E.D.M. has been a revolution in the Press Tool industry. Now, with multi-aperture progression tools, dies can be made from one piece of tool steel, instead of having to split and grind individual pieces to make up the die plate. Backing off apertures and putting land on is an easy task for a wire E.D.M. machine. Complex punches can be cut and then recessed into the punch plate for the perfect line up.


Extrusion Dies

Extrusion Dies can be cut using the machine's 4 axis capability. This enables two profiles to be cut at the same time, i.e. a square as one profile and a circle as the other. Then, by linking the two profiles together with a set distance between them, shapes can be produced which would be impossible with any other machining method.


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