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With over 30 years of practical experience, we are sure that our design service will be able to provide you with a cost effective solution to meet your requirements. We will always aim to offer the best bespoke solution available within your physical and financial constraints, however unusual they may seem.

We firmly believe in close collaboration with our customers from the initial design stage through to product release.

We have found repeatedly that this ensures the most cost effective and time specific solutions are found for our customers.

Bespoke Products

Since 1982 we have established our business and built our reputation on providing customers with bespoke products and services based on a truly collaborative approach, and have developed extensive experience in designing and tailoring our products and services to meet these requirements in many diverse product areas. 

We can offer a wide range of transformers, standard and non-standard wound components designed to your specification, using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques.

Bespoke Products

Laminated Transformers

We offer a full range of standard and custom-made laminated transformers, finished in a wide variety of styles.

Our selection of laminated transformers include:

  • Air cooled transformers
  • Auto transformers
  • Chokes Control system transformers
  • Dry type transformers
  • Former wound transformers
  • Low voltage transformers
  • Single and three phase transformers
  • Step up transformers
  • Alarm system transformers
  • Bobbin wound transformers
  • Control panel transformers
  • Custom built transformers
  • Fan control transformers Isolation transformers
  • PCB transformers
  • Step down transformers
  • Tail lift transformers
Laminated Transformers

Audio Transformers

We are leading the resurgence of high-quality, valve driven audio transformers. Our experience in both analogue and digital systems enable us to design and build a suitable range of products for your requirements. Our ISO 9001:2008 approved quality system means your can trust the complete design and production process of our audio transformers.

Audio Transformers

Special Coils

We can also offer you special coils. We have our applied our experience and knowledge of transformer technology to give you the best special coils to meet your expectations. All our products are 100 percent tested and are inspected to make sure they are compliant with the required specifications.

To find out more about our special coils, please contact us for the full details.

 Special Coils

Encapsulated Transformers

We have a team with many years of experience in the design and development of encapsulated transformers.

We will work closely with you and your requirements to give you the best encapsulated transformers available. Our skilled operators will carry out the hand assembly. If you would like more detail on our encapsulated transformers, please contact us for more details.

Encapsulated Transformers

Lighting Transformers

We take pride in our experience in manufacturing low voltage lighting transformers. With safety in mind, our extra low voltage transformers are used in most types of lighting products including:

  • garden lights
  • landscaping ideas
  • retail environments
  • swimming pool lights
Lighting Transformers

Techno Transformers

We have been in operation since 1982 and we have gained a nationwide reputation for supplying high quality transformers and products.

We specialise in the development and design of bespoke transformers and transformer products that are ideal for use in many different types of industries.

Techno Transformers
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