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Technograph Microcircuits provide advanced electronics solutions for demanding applications. Key Design, Manufacture and Test services include: –

  • Thick Film Hybrids – using established Thick Film techniques and enhanced capabilities such as PTH, multilayer and fine line printing.
  • Chip and Wire – integration of bare die on to a range of base materials using gold aluminium wire bonds for optimum miniaturisation of circuits.
  • Microwave Assembly – proven track record of assembly, test and tuning for frequencies up to 100Ghz.
  • PCB Assembly / Repair and Modification – Material Procurement, Assembly / Test and onwards integration for small to medium volumes on to a variety of bases. Serving core markets of Aerospace, Defence, Telecomms and Automotive employing SMT automation and skilled manual soldering to ESA standard.

RF and Microwave

Have microwave assembly problems?
Do you lack sufficient resources to realise your microwave product concept and take it into production? Or are you having difficulty finding a suitable partner to prototype or volume manufacture - or even clone - an existing production line to increase capacity?

Technograph is the solution
When it comes to microwave products Technograph can help you develop them, make them, test them and what's more – you can be confident in the result. From concept through to volume production - and anywhere in between - Technograph can interface with your project team and make all the difference.   Why?
We are so confident because we've done it before and solved so many microwave assembly-related challenges for customers just like you. In fact we've become microwave assembly experts with a microelectronics heritage that stretches back over decades, narrow and broadband amplifier products to 100 GHz and beyond. From lange couplers, through GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) chips and MMICs, thick and thin film and wire bonding, electronic packaging, PCB assembly to box build, Technograph can make your high frequency product.
RF and Microwave

PCB Assembly

Do you have a high performance PCB assembly and integration need?

From prototypes to medium volume flow-line production, Technograph can assemble and integrate products for many high reliability applications onto a wide variety of substrates, using a mixture of automation and high skilled manual assembly techniques.

Naked die and packaged components can be assembled on the same substrate giving very high performance boards. Technograph - the inventors of the PCB (see History of the Company) - have assembled PCBs for its core markets of aerospace, defence, automotive, telecoms, industrial and medical for more than 30 years.
PCB Assembly

PCB Modification or Repair

Do you have completed PCB products that needs modification or repair?

Missed performance envelopes and last minute changes to qualified boards can be catastrophic if not managed cost-effectively.

Using their skilled solder assembly operators Technograph routinely provide customers with modification or repair services such as adding wire links to previously manufactured boards.


Recovering inventory that would otherwise be lost, allowing programmes to complete mid-life updates without incurring delays to critical programmes, and in many cases speeding up time to market.


The work can be done to exacting standards suitable for high reliability applications. Work can be performed by space (ESA) qualified staff.

PCB Modification or Repair

Technograph Solutions

Do you have a problem in realising your high performance, high reliability or miniaturised product concept and bringing it to market? Or do you have capacity problems?

High performance electronics for demanding applications is what we offer Technograph, with its team of experienced engineers and production personnel, can provide precisely the solution you need.

For decades Technograph has helped numerous companies of all sizes – from embryonic startup to blue chip – to successfully realise and bring new products to market and expand production capability.   This solutions capability also spans the full range of our core operating markets including aerospace, defence, automotive, telecoms and high end industrial such as medical.   High temperature, low temperature, ruggedised, high G force, harsh environments, etc., etc. and combinations. are just some of the environments we have helped put electronics into.   chips to systems, space to oil wells
Technograph Solutions

Technograph People and Facility

Technograph is committed to creating genuine value for our customers by completely satisfying their requirements and exceeding their expectations. We achieve this primarily in two ways:

By investing continuously in the right technology, facilities and equipment AND the right people and encouraging their professional development.

Our shop floor layout is designed to ensure total flexibility of manufacturing and to facilitate any rapid ramp-ups in production volume. Flexibility is also maximised through the existence of multi-talented employees and the ability to handle various manufacturing methods - including batch build, process and flow line manufacture with feeder cells. Further, by recognising market trends early, Technograph strives to have the prerequisite technological capability ready when demanded by customers.   At every level of the Technograph organisation, individuals are encouraged to develop to their full potential and to contribute to maintaining a standard of excellence within a culture of continuous and measured improvement.   This helps to foster our strong team-driven, "can do" ethos that helps to promote mutually advantageous partnerships with both customers and suppliers. Indeed we feel customers and suppliers should actively enjoy working with us, while staff should feel empowered, challenged, valued and fulfilled in their work.
Technograph People and Facility


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