Techtrol Ltd.

Incinerator's from Techtrol Ltd

  Techtrol started life in 1985 and was based in Altrincham, Cheshire. The business and our reputation was quickly established and at the start of the 1990s we moved to larger, modern office   We are dedicated to excellence in manufacturing solid waste incineration systems used by the world's leading hospitals, universities and research companies as well as Government departments and private sector contractors   We specialise in the following:-
  • Animal Incinerator
  • General  Incinerator
  • Clinical  Incinerator
  As manufacturers of incinerators, we are only too aware of the toxic emissions that can be produced from these machines. It is for these reasons that we maintain the highest of standards when manufacturing and servicing combustion units.
Very strict UK legislation is in place to prohibit emissions exceeding extremely low levels. Here at Techtrol we always aim to work well within these criteria     Why not visit our website for more information


Techtrol Ltd. Overview