Teddington Engineered Solutions Ltd

In September 2003, Teddington Engineered Solutions Ltd. successfully purchased the business of Brockington and Scott Ltd., so although we are a relatively new company, the business has been around since 1927 and the name is synonymous with exceptional quality, supreme reliability and total design flexibility, which places Teddington at the forefront of Bellows and Expansion Joint manufacture.

In addition to our extensive range of metallic and non-metallic bellows and expansion joints, we also offer an array of specialist services, including:

  • NDT services, either at our facility or on-site;
  • Fabrication services, offering a full range of welding techniques, in-house machining and testing; and
  • Design services from our expert engineers.

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A customised design service and attention to the needs of our customers, be it for original contracts or replacement and servicing work, is the keynote of our success.

Our dedicated team is able to handle any project, large or small, with all critical operations under our direct control from inception to despatch.

Teddington Engineered Solutions Ltd. continues to stand for what is best in the Expansion Joint field and the continued success of our company has and will be reliant on our great care in generating products of the highest possible quality.

Teddington Engineered Solutions Ltd Overview