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Monitoring Systems

The TELE group comprises national companies in Austria, Germany and England along with a network of more than 50 trade partners around the World. TELE has a comprehensive range of automation components that will allow you to monitor and control the most diverse processes across different sectors.

Our latest innovative intelligent monitoring system, Watchdog Pro, underlines our leadership in the field of monitoring technology. TELE products protect and enhance the availability and reliability of plant, buildings or machines.

TELE manufactures its products in Austria, to international standards for use Worldwide. With over 40 years of experience, we supply you with automation products developed and produced using the most up-to-date technology and highest quality standards.

Load Monitors

TELE is the supplier with the largest range of load monitoring systems and has just the right product available for every requirement... precisely tailored.

Up to 16 amperes measurement can take place directly; transducers are therefore only required with higher currents.
All products are suitable for use with single and three-phase loads as well as voltages partially up to 690 volts. Additionally, it is possible to install and conduct measurements after frequency converters.

Monitoring Water Supply

WatchDog pro monitors and controls well systems and distribution systems. Process-optimised and low-cost alternative to complex PLC systems.

The requirements of the operation of water utilities are continually growing. Supply reliability and cost-effectiveness are more important than ever in the monitoring of the water supply. Today, the measurement, control and regulating technology has to be able to do more than just monitor threshold values and report operational disruptions. Now, information about the state of components such as pump motors, filter systems or emergency power units are important. Newly developed modular monitoring systems such as WatchDog pro from TELE offer here a lean and low-cost solution ideally adapted to the processes.

For instance, the operating point of a pump can be monitored via the direct output measurement of pump motors in real time. Damage can thus be detected and avoided early on. Condition-based servicing is thus made possible as for instance recommended in the rules of the DVGW, the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water. Conventional programmable logic controls (PLC) are incapable of directly measuring the physical values required for this and of interpreting them. Rather, they have to 'translate' all the variables that are measurable in the water utility system, into analogous and digital signals and provide them via the respective operating system of the application software. The programming and installation effort for such comprehensive PLC systems is substantial and costly - in particular with applications such as the monitoring of water utilities where only a transparent number of signals can be recorded. The modular monitoring system WatchDog pro from TELE offers a genuine alternative here. It facilitates the direct measurement and monitoring of many physical key ratios in the field. The system also ensures the forwarding of the data to the control level and assumes control tasks of a PLC in a process-oriented manner.

Monitoring Heating Systems

WatchDog pro monitors and controls not only industrial drives but also the screw conveyors or ventilators of woodchip or pellet heating systems.

The most important operating values such as supply voltage, motor current and active power are continuously controlled and any faults immediately reported via GSM alarm to the operator's mobile. In addition, the fundamental parameters of the heating system - for instance, different heating cycles or the flow temperature - can be conveniently controlled by SMS from a mobile

Monitoring Pumps

Reliable operation of pumps in mining systems or houses

With pump alternators and fill-level monitors, TELE monitors and safeguards the operation of pumps in mining systems. Pump alternators also guarantee even distribution of the operating hours of the units and thus ensure that the reserve pump will not fail when needed. TELE technology not only helps to prevent large pump stations from breaking down; it also protects, for instance, detached houses from damage caused by flooded cellars or manholes.

TELE Certificates

Quality standards and approvals
In the modern TeleTechCener in Vienna, we manufacture products to international standards for use worldwide and produced to the highest quality standards. The TELE Quality Policy target is to provide competitive products in the best quality available. A well established quality management system. Continuing work with institutions for National and International standardisations are essential for this aim.

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Timers from TELE, ranging from the simple single-function through to the multi-function timer with display, are employed in all branches of industry. The brain chip of your application-specific miniature controller is the ideal solution for realising custom control applications within minimum space at low-cost. Various voltage ranges or even zoom supply are available to permit worldwide application.

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TELE Customers
Long standing customers from all areas of industry form the basis of this success. Through the company's international orientation new markets around the world are opening all the time.

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Sensing & Monitoring Technology from TELE
Around the area of sensing & monitoring technology TELE is a pioneer and defines considerable trends. With this core competence TELE takes an internationally leading role. Around the sensing & monitoring technology TELE bundles a comprehensive, coordinated range of automation components for industrial applications.

TELE products secure and increase the availability and reliability in plants, buildings or machines for a durable added value.

Monitoring Motors

TELE load monitoring systems take over the precise and reliable monitoring of the load status and, in the event of an undercutting or exceeding of limit values, either provide fault indications or execute remedial measures by means of controlling switching processes. This increases the availability as well as the safety of systems. Service work is reduced and production downtimes can be prevented.

TELE load monitoring systems offer significant advantages,
particularly in situations in which monitoring tasks are usually carried out by sensors:-
- No problems due to contamination and any decalibration of the sensors
- No maintenance and cleaning costs
- Easy to use, even in charged air or volatile substances
- Savings in terms of cabling
- No use of explosion-proof barriers necessary
- Reduction in error sources
- Simple retrofitting

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