Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd

Established in 1980 Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd specialises temperature probe manufacture and instrumentation for Measurement, Control and Data Logging of temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, energy (kWhs), wind speed/direction, soil temperature, and most environmental conditions.

We offer an incredible range of Data Loggers, Chart Recorders, Digital Thermometers, Process Controllers, Signal Conditioners, Panel Indicators, Energy Loggers, Weather Stations, Thermocouples, Rtd's, PT100 Probes, and Thermistor Probes for use in environmental monitoring, manufacturing, food processing, logistics, and University research projects.

Digital Food Thermometers

Digital Food thermometers are used by over 80% of all food stores, and restaurants to measure food temperatures.

As instrumentation suppliers to well known high street food supermarket giants for over 20 years we know a thing or two about measuring food temperatures.

Our digital food thermometers are low-cost, easy to use, and are available with easily replaceable low cost probes.

Available as single thermometers with single probes to meet your requirements they are also available in easily recognisable 'food hygiene kits' with penetration (core temperature), air temperature, and between pack probes to suit the application.

If you are looking for even lower cost our range of fixed probe thermometers start at just a few Pounds.

If infrared thermometers, wireless, or data logging is called for - we have that too.

Food temperature has been our business for over 30 years!

Digital Food Thermometers

HOBO Data Loggers

Tempcon are official long-term UK distributors of HOBO Data Loggers, Energy Loggers, and Weather Stations, 

All HOBO loggers sold in the UK are sourced via Tempcon. 

HOBO Data loggers are small, battery operated, and convenient to use. An extremely wide product range offers both wireless and conventional loggers for use in industry, environmental research, electrical energy monitoring, and food processing, food retail, and logistics.
Measurements include: Temperature, relative humidity, state, event, wind speed, wind direction, soil moisture, solar radiation, kWhrs, voltage, and current.

Miniature loggers, single channel, multi-channel, internal sensors, external sensors, waterproof for outside use, or dedicated underwater loggers for temperature, level and pressure - the product list is extensive. 

Outdoor use Weather Stations measure all of these parameters plus rain level, wind speed, wind direction, solar and soil conditions. 

Energy loggers monitor current and voltage levels and calculate kWhs in order to help with supply and load problems.

With very low prices no measurement or logging problem is too great or too small.


HOBO Data Loggers

Dickson Chart Recorders

Dickson Means Data Measurement.

As Official distributors Tempcon offer the full range of 3”,4”,6” and 8” Circular Chart Recorders. Many Dickson Chart Recorders offer not only alarms and relays but precise digital displays for clear interpretation of measured values. Although paper recorders have many practical applications in industry and research many of the Dickson recorders are designed specifically for medical use such as Blood-Banks, Vaccine, or Tissure recording.

The NEW Touchscreen Recorder combines many of these features and applications in a large 'touchscreen' recorder measuring temperature and relative humidity with USB and FLASH card data download.

Dickson also offer a range of single, and multi-channel, data loggers with large clear displays recording temperature, relative humidity, or events.

 A unique and useful feature of many Dickson recorders, and loggers, is the ability to download measured data to a removable FLASH Card.

And if your looking for Dickson Paper Charts, we have them too!

Dickson Chart Recorders

Wireless Data Loggers

Tempcon offer a wide range of wireless data loggers  from Onset, Hanwell (IMC), Grant and Dyzle.

With a unique range of wireless data loggers measuring temperature, relative humidity, events, state, shock, voltage and current and the emphasise on wireless, Our dataloggers are particularly suitable for monitoring critical situations in museums, warehouses, transport, and warehouse storage conditions.


For the first time, the iSense range incorporates wireless GPRS technology that enables remote monitoring of diverse parameters on buildings, machinery, infrastructure or vehicles, even in locations that previously seemed inaccessible.

Monitor any parameter with iSense including; energy, temperature, humidity, pressure, structural stress etc..

Wireless Data Loggers

Energy Data Loggers

Energy Loggers monitor voltage and current load, then calculate kWh costs.
What is the cost of using an appliance? What are the costs of supplying my factory, hospital, museum, workshop with electricity? What are the load problems and where can I save money?

HOBO Wireless ZW Series Data Loggers, and H22 Energy Loggers record temperature, RH, kW, kWh AC current/voltage, 4-20mA, 0-2.5 VDC, carbon dioxide, gauge/differential pressure, water flow, and air flow/velocity via internal or external inputs.

HOBO Multi-Channel U30 Data Logging Systems monitor everything!

4 distinct loggers offer research grade measurements and USB, GSB Wireless, Wi-Fi Wireless, and Ethernet communication systems. 

Energy Data Loggers

Chart Recorders

As distributors for Dickson, Eurotherm and JRI you can choose from a wide range of Chart Recorders:

6000 Series Chart Recorders fit a wide spectrum of applications and offer unrivalled input accuracy with a 125ms total sample rate for up to 48 input channels. Input channels are freely configurable to suit process requirements. The recorders have an intuitive, touch screen display to enable the operator to clearly view process data in varying formats.
6180A Recorders have onboard Flash data storage capability, Ethernet communication and choice of Compact Flash or SD Card. Data is stored in a tamper resistant binary format that can be used for secure, long term records of your process.

394 Circular Chart Recorders, with annotation, are clear leaders in chart technology. The 394 can monitor up to 6 simultaneous inputs and combines four colour printing with annotation to produce a clear and easy to read chart.
The recorder is fully configurable from the front panel or via the optional PC card reader.
Up to two independent controllers can be added enabling the 394 to control as well as record the process. Modbus communications make this instrument a very flexible component in a system or network solution.

Chart Recorders

Temperature Sensors

We offer a wide range of thermocouple, PT100/1000, and thermistor temperature sensors for many different applications in industry, environmental research, and food. 

Many parameters can affect the choice of sensor such as temperature, cable, sheath diameter, length, and hand-held or fixed installation.

Sensors are available in all the normal K,J,T,N,S,R thermocouple materials, Pt100 or Pt1000 platinum resistance, or thermistor bead.  Industrial probes with cable, threaded boss, or weatherproof head. Hand-held probes with choice of handle and coiled or normal cable. A range of plugs, sockets, and 2-wire transmitters complements the product range.

Tempcon Instrumentation can offer practical advice and, being temperature sensor manufacturers,  can build to meet your specific specification. A large selection of hand-held food probes can be supplied from stock. 

Temperature Sensors

Process Controllers

We offer Process Controllers from West Instruments, and Eurotherm. Todays process controllers can be simple to employ but complex in specification – turn to the experts Tempcon Instrumentation for application advice and configuration before delivery.

Controllers from both manufacturers are availble in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 DIN panel sizes with the full range of thermocouple, RTd, and voltage & current inputs, and full communication outputs.

Datatrack, West, and Eurotherm Panel Indicators are available from us in similar panel sizes again with the full range of inputs and outputs.

As we all know every process requires a sensor. We would remind you that Tempcon will manufacture temperature sensors and probes to meet your specific application requirement, in any quantity.

Process Controllers

In-head Transmitters

We offer a range of easy to use low cost compact, 2-Wire in-head transmitters for use with thermocouple, or PT100 sensors.

Easily calibrated, the transmitters are available with 0-20 mA, 4-20mA, or voltage outputs and will locate inside our normal Weatherproof Head Probes.  

In-head Transmitters

Signal Conditioners

Official Distributors for Action Instruments.

A proven range of innovative DIN Rail and In-Head signal conditioners comprising isolators and trip alarms with inputs for AC/DC volts, AC/DC current, RTD's, and thermocouples from Action Instruments, backed by Eurotherm (Invensys group) offering Signal Conditioners for: Isolation, Alarms, and Power Supplies with PC or Button Setup and Calibration, and Ethernet connectivity.

Signal Conditioners

Calibration Service

Our Quality System is registered to BS EN 9001:2008, and our in house calibration equipment traceable to UKAS.

We can calibrate your temperature equipment before we ship to you, or as part of an annual calibration program. 

Calibration Equipment

As Distributors of Ametek Dry Block Calibrators we can offer you portable, accurate, calibration equipment enabling you to easily calibrate your own instrumentation and probes on-site.

Dry Block calibrators are easy to use, and are available in several temperature ranges, with UKAS certificates.  

Alternatively we also have our own calibration kit suitable for most IR thermometers.

We can also calibrate your temperature equipment before we ship to you, or as part of an annual calibration program.

Our Quality System is registered to BS EN 9001:2008, and our in house calibration equipment traceable to UKAS.

Digital Thermometers

Our digital thermometers are high quality with low ownership costs, easy to use, and are available with easily replaceable low cost probes.

Available as single thermometers with single sensors to meet your requirements we have kits and products suitable for even the most challenging environments.

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