Tenable Screw Co Ltd


We are an established, experienced and leading manufacturer of precision machined components. Our manufacturing capacity is in the millions and our extensive product supply includes aluminium turned parts.

As well as aluminium turned parts, we manufacture bespoke components ranging from connectors to pins, sockets and assemblies.


Brass Turned Parts

We supply millions of diverse components including brass turned parts from our three manufacturing bases in the UK.

Our brass turned parts and eclectic variety of other components are relied heavily upon by many industries around the world including aerospace, defence, electronics, nuclear and transport.


Connectors are vital to every single electronic device. Our appreciation of this is evident by our manufacturing of millions of bespoke connectors every year.

Connectors we manufacture range from 1mm micro components to larger shell and coupling nuts. These connectors come in brass, steel, aluminium, copper and bronze.

Threaded Components

As well as connectors, we are manufacturers of millions of non-standard, tailor-made threaded components.

These threaded components are acquirable in brass, steel and aluminium. Sizes range up to 42mm in diameter for diverse applications throughout the world.


Sockets are vital to all electronic devices. They power the electronic, telecoms and transport industries. Year on year we manufacture millions of sockets to customer specifications.

Our sockets are available in brass, steel, copper and aluminium, as well as many exotic machineable metals.


On top of all of our precision machined components, we also supply millions of bespoke customer specific assemblies. These assemblies are designed and manufactured by our expert secondary operation staff who utilise state-of-the-art equipment and facilities across three sites.

Assemblies we supply range from simple screw and cable assemblies to more complicated plungers, as well as bespoke sub-assemblies.

Multispindle Turned Parts

We are a renowned and influential family-owned business specialising in the manufacture of precision machined components. We combine traditional British and Swiss engineering with Japanese machine tools to create heavily relied upon parts such as multispindle turned parts.

Components such as our multispindle turned parts are manufactured in our three UK sites: London, Marlborough and Coventry.

Escomatic Turned Parts

Our engineering capabilities include the design and manufacture of many differing options in escomatic turned parts.

Our escomatic turned parts and various other components are acquirable from fast prototyping and small batch runs to high value competitive orders.

Rotary Transfer Turned Parts

Ever since our establishment in 1940, we have expanded considerably from machining screws and fasteners in the thousands, to manufacturing basic and complex turned parts in the millions. Our services now include the production of intricate designs and products such as rotary transfer turned parts.

Our renowned production of rotary transfer turned parts and related components places us firmly at the forefront of the British turned parts industry.

CNC Sliding Head

Our manufacture of precision machined components includes the capability of producing an extensive supply of CNC sliding head components.

CNC sliding head components are delivered from a diverse array of leading brands such as Citizen, KMT and Star.

CNC Precision Machined Components

For the most comprehensive and well manufactured CNC precision machined components, we are your one source. Our CNC precision machined components options are unparalleled and all application requirements and industries are catered for.

Precision machined components we design, manufacture and supply include varying options in connectors, pins, threaded components, sockets and assemblies.

Terminal Pins

Part of our unsurpassed level of manufactured precision machined components includes the production of terminal pins, suitable for any application requirement you may have.

Terminal pins we supply range from micro components and are available in copper, brass, steel and nickel silver.

CNC Connectors

We have seven decades worth of unrivaled experience and leading expertise in the production of bespoke machined components including CNC connectors.

The variety of components we supply, such as CNC connectors have assisted many companies in the design, development and launch of new products to markets worldwide.

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