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For 30 years, we have been producing cable harness assemblies. We can produce prototype levels or work at full production levels. We manufacture and produce harnesses for a variety of industry sectors. We can provide you with loose harness to be incorporated on site or already encased within their enclosures.

All cable harness assemblies we produce are tested to customer specifications and inspection using automated test equipment (A.T.E.). our cable harness assemblies production team will be able to meet your requirements. Included in inspection are insulation flash test, short circuit and continuity tests.

Cabinets, Boxes and Panels

In the production of cabinets, boxes and panels, we can will manufacture, test and pack your units to your specifications. Working from schematics or drawings, we produce a quality working product. We produce units for OEMs -- from IC wafer fabrication units to the chemical, oil and gas industry, from water analysis to wildlife preservation.

All cabinets, boxes and panels work we undertake is inspected and audited to ISO 9001.

Cabinets, Boxes and Panels

Automatic Wire Preparation

Precision cable and wire preparation is a key element to many of our assemblies. Our services can can vary from fine wires to heavy-duty cable.

Our automatic wire preparation includes:

  • Cut and Strip Wires and Cables
  • Wire and Cable Printing
  • Crimping
  • Wire Links for PCBs, Control Panels
  • Earth Cables
  • Tin Dipping  
Automatic Wire Preparation

Printed Circuit Board Population

We have over 20 years of experience in the surface mount and conventional printed circuit board assembly industry. Ranging from fully conventional (pin in hole) to hybrid (pin in hole and surface mount) to fully surface mount, we offer a variety of printed circuit board assembly facilities, Our printed circuit board equipment includes semi-automatic component forming and cropping for conventional printed circuit board components, wave solder machine for conventional, and surface mount assemblies.

Printed Circuit Board Population

Total Supply Chain Solutions

We pride ourselved on total supply chain solutions. We want to offer you a much easier way to order and control your stock flow, from ordering to delivery .

We use bulk ordering options to give you better pricing and to help facilitate stock control at the manufacturing source. For our total supply chain solutions, we focus on reliable continuity and flexibility of supply.

Total Supply Chain Solutions

Tenkay Electronics

We have been supplying a comprehensive product manufacturing service for all types of electronic and electrical assemblies for 30 years. In the this global economy, we use trading partners in China to help maximise your profits.

We can deliver to schedule, Kanban or MRP systems, whether the products have been manufactured here in the UK or offshore.

  • Full Material Procurement
  • Surface Mount PCB Population
  • Conventional PCB Population
  • Cable Preparation
  • Cable Harnesses and Wiring Looms
  • Electrical Panel Wiring
  • Electronics Box Build
  • Cabinet Wiring
  • Test and Packaging
  • Production Facilities in Asia
Tenkay Electronics

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