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With over 120 years' experience, tesa is Europe's No.1 adhesive tape manufacturer enjoying a world-wide reputation as a leading supplier to industry selling over 800 types of tape in more than 100 countries.Our R&D experts file an average of 70 patents every year, keeping tesa® as a leading supplier to many industries. tesa's commitment is to exploit its knowledge of adhesives and coating processes to develop innovative industrial solutions providing process and cost efficiencies.


Tapes for all industries

We operate in three highly focused areas of tape technology:

  • Fastening - double sided tapes for fixing and bonding
  • Masking - protective tapes, cloth tapes and films
  • Packaging - carton sealing, strapping and tear tapes

tesa tapes are used in industries ranging from Automotive, Automotive Refinishing, Corrugated Cardboard Industry, Electro & Electronics, Engineering, Flexographic Printing, Furniture Industry, Marine Industry, Paper and Newsprint Production, Packaging & Logistics, Painting and Decorating to Telecoms as well as, for example, heat activated films for bonding silicon chips into smart cards.


Tapes for all industries

A wide range of tapes

  • Double sided tapes
  • Masking tape and surface protection tape
  • Adhesive Tapes for maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Packaging tapes
  • Laser Labels
  • Strapping Tapes
  • Surface Protection Tapes
  • Anti-slip and Hazard Warning Tapes
  • Adhesive Tape Dispensers



A wide range of tapes
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