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We manufacture, supply and fit modular vehicle racking & storage solutions from a basic system right through to a custom design complete with accessories and specialist equipment including FLOORING & LININGS, LIGHTING, ONBOARD POWER, HEATERS, STEPS & TOW BARS, LOCKS & SECURITY DEVICES, ROOF VENTS, ROOF RACKS & PIPE TBES as well as CORPORATE LIVERY.

Load Carrying System

Our Thule Professional roof racks were developed by the world's leading supplier of load carrying systems. All parts of the system, including parts and materials, are carefully tried, tested and prepared for really heavy operations. The result is a flexible, secure, time-saving system that meets your specific demands and future requirements.

 "All you need to do now is find the solution that suits you best "

Tips and Inspiration

"Do you need ideas on how to equip your vehicle? "

If so, you’ve come to the right place. On our website we have gathered together a few different vehicle interior suggestions tailored for various industries. So irrespective of whether this is the first time you’ve equipped your vehicle or whether you wish to update your current solution, just click through to our site to open the door to a rich world of inspiration.

Tevo's New Modul-System - Totally Integrated

To get something you normally have to give up something else, right? That’s why this new generation of racking system is designed with integration as its inspiration. The result is nothing but a true innovation, giving you advantages previously unseen in the evolution of vehicle racking.

Integration means combining parts so that they work together and forms a whole, which up until now has not been as easy as it sounds. Making a vehicle racking system where every part contributes to fulfilling contrasting demands is a tough challenge. Or rather it was.

Tevo's new Modul-System is the world’s first totally integrated racking system, which is based on modules which can be completely customised. It is extremely light-weight yet durable and safe with a stylish look that still matches the vehicle interior. The list goes on. You don’t have to give anything up therefore you always get the best of both worlds.

The objective behind the design is simple but nevertheless sophisticated: Every module is based on a patented T-shaped high-strength steel profile with the ideal measurement of 27mm x 27 mm. This paves the way for endless racking combinations, taking modularity further than ever. The T-shaped profile also allows seemly and secure attachment of accessories.

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