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Texon design, manufacture and distribute high quality, high performance materials including non-woven and saturated felts, extruded filmic materials and wet web saturated cellulose board. Our products are used in footwear, fashion accessories, clothing, flooring, filtration and luggage to name just a few.


With manufacturing and testing facilities on three continents, technical and sales support in all the major markets around the globe it is no wonder that many of the world’s leading brands and their producers choose Texon.


Texon are also leaders in eco-friendly technology. We have been offering recyclable products for over two decades and our ‘net’ waste free products offer environmentally sustainable solutions across a wide variety of industry sectors.


Quality, service, innovation, sustainability, value and dedicated customer support - if you would like to find out how Texon could help your business then please contact us today - sales@texon.com

Specialist Applications

Specialist Applications - Texon have proven expertise fulfilling the requirements of a whole range of industry sectors including the following categories;

Apparel & Accessories

A wide variety of fashion accessories including jeans labels, leather goods and caps use Texon specialist materials…


Component solutions for use with automotive and machine applications


Non-woven felts designed for both standard and anti-static filtration applications


Texon Plantation discs help improve the yields of a variety of crop plantations



Technical fabrics for use in roofing construction, decking and driveways

Hygiene & Medical

Texon Hypersorb is a technical fabric suitable for medical and hygienic purposes

Permeable & Printable

Cellulose pulpboard for use in the print industry as well as air freshening products amongst others


Texon Aquiline linings, ideal for use in the footwear and fashion industry

To discuss your specific requirements please contact sales@texon.com

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