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Rubber Converters

Thames Valley Supplies Limited are established providers of high quality rubber and foam based products to industry. Our product range includes gaskets, matting, rubber extrusions & mouldings, flexible hoses, fittings, foams & plastics.

Rubber Matting: We supply anti-fatigue matting, stable matting, electrical switchboard matting tested to 15,000 volts, washable entrance mats, non-burning PVC mats and safagrass both in standard sizes and as off the roll cuts.

Sponge & Foam: We hold a range of sponge and foam sheeting & cord including EPDM, plastazote, neoprene and reticulated foam. Ask us for a free sample card.

Hoses: We supply suction hose, brewers hose, paint spray hose, delivery hose, fuel hose, convoluted tubes and lpg tubing as well as hose connections and fittings.

Rubber Matting

We supply a wide range of rubber mats in standard sizes as well as off the roll cuts to customer specification. Included in our range are anti-fatigue mats for industrial work environments, washable entrance mats, non-burning PVC mats, stable matting and 9.5mm BS921 electrical switchboard matting tested to 15,000 volts. If your looking for matting then your in the right place. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.

Rubber Sheet

We supply a range of rubber sheeting products in a variety of materials and colours with thicknesses ranging from 1-25mm, all cut to size.

Rubber Mouldings

Standard rubber mouldings can be supplied in a range of elastomeric thermoset materials. Standard moulding include the following:

•Handlebar grips
•Pedal Steps
•Door Stops
•Tube Caps
•Hole Caps
•Shoe Grips
•Rubber Feet
•Exhaust Mounts


Plastazote: We supply soft, firm and medium density plastazote in sheet form with optional adhesive backing.

Standard sheet sizes for all densities is 2m x 1m.

Material thicknesses for all flat sheet density ranges are 1mm to 25mm incrementing in 1mm stages.

Regular LD45 Plastazote: We supply regular LD45 plastazote in sheet sizes of 1-25mm thick or cut to your requirements.

Non absorbant polyethelene material used for bouyancy aids, swim floats, good for tool box safe carry systems, camera cases and protective packaging.

Material can be cut to size as required.

Other Plastazote Grades Available: We supply a range of other platazote products in standard sheet sizes 1-25mm thick or cut to your requirements as detailed below:

•LD18 2.0m x 1.0m Sheet Size
•LD24 2.0m x 1.0m Sheet Size
•LD33 2.0m x 1.0m Sheet Size
•LD45 2.0m x 1.0m Sheet Size * Carried as Standard
•LD60 1.8m x 0.90m Sheet Size
•LD70 1.7m x 0.85m Sheet Size

Soft Density LD24 Plastazote with Adhesdive Backing: We supply soft density platazote with adhesive backing in standard sheet sizes 1-25mm thick or cut to your requirements.



Foam Products: We supply a range of block, cut, and machined foams to customer specifications.

Pipe Lagging: We supply pipe lagging cut to size. Suitable for pipes upto 30mmØ.

Glazing Foam: Glazing foam is used for the transport of glass and can be provided cut to a range of sizes.

Swimming Pool Coving: We stock swimming pool coving for filling corner angles in new build pools. Triangular sections are 1m long and 100mm x 100mm with a 45° angle and are adhesive backed.

Latex Sheeting

Latex Sheeting: We supply latex sheeting by the metre in rolls up to 920mm wide and thicknesses of 0.45mm (red, blue & black), 0.38mm (Food Quality Blue) and 0.25mm (clear), supplied on 52cm wide rolls. Industrial latex is suitable for diaphrams, seals and gaskets, release films, membranes, furniture, and materials handling. Latex sheeting is available in a range of colours.

Nylon Rod

Nylon Products: We supply Nylon 6, 66 and Cast Nylon rods, flats and tubes in black and white.

Nylon Rod: We supply Nylon 6, 66 and Cast Nylon rods for machining, engineering and manufacturing applications.

Nylon 6: 4mm to 75mm diameter in standard lengths upto 3000mm, larger lengths can be ordered.

Nylon 66: 4mm to 200mm diameter in lengths upto 3000mm, larger lengths can be ordered.

Cast Nylon: 3mm to 500mm diameter in standard 300mm length, non-standard lengths up to 1000mm.

Nylon Sheet: We supply Nylon 6, 66 and Cast Nylon sheet products. Standard sheet size is 1500mm by 1000mm.

Nylon 6: 1mm to 3mm thickness in 1500mm by 1000mm sheets or cut to customer requirements.

Nylon 66: 1mm to 3mm thickness in 1500mm by 1000mm sheets or cut to customer requirements.

Cast Nylon: 1mm to 3mm thickness in 1500mm by 1000mm sheets or cut to customer requirements.

Nylon Tube: We supply Cast Nylon tube products.

Cast Nylon: various size internal and external diameters, call for more information.

Nylon Turned Parts: We supply machine Nylon parts to customer specification in batches of 1-2000 off.

Turned parts are available in Nylon 6, 66 and Cast Nylon.


Flexible Self-Grip Sections

We supply flexible self-grip sections for a wide range of applications.

Square Channel

We supply square channel for a wide range of applications


We supply fenders for a wide range of applications

Cable Protectors

We supply cable protectors for a wide range of applications.

Snap Fit Cable Protector Range: We stock the following Snap Fit rubber cable protectors. Our large range of Snap Fit cable protectors will house one or more cables in many combinations. Simply 'snap open' the base of the profile, push in the cables and position on the floor. Snap Fit is the ideal cable protector for all types of cables and leads found in offices, shops, laboratories, exhibitions, or any environment where loose trailing cables present a hazard. BNC1, BNC2 and BNC3 comprise two separate compartments of varying sizes, specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for isolation of power from low voltage cables and fibre optics. NEW Multi compartment cable protector profiles, types MCP/1 and MCP/2 have been designed to contain large diameter electrical cables and telecommunications cables in three spacious compartments. Now with unique ridged, non slip top section.

Industrial Cable Protector Range: We stock the following Industrial rubber cable protectors. Designed for the harshest conditions these rubber cable protectors are suitable for all types of industrial use including construction sites, temporary across road traffic signals, computer rooms and in the warehouse. They are particularly suited to tough outdoor applications where they are designed to protect dangerous heavy cables from damage.

Door Seals

Door Seals Cut To Size: We offer a wide range of door seals for applications including car doors, garage doors, domestic and commercial doors. Please call for more information.

Car Door Seals/Trims: We supply universal car door seals/trims suitable for cars, trucks, trailers, coaches, motorhome, trailers and boats in black EPDM rubber with flexible steel spines, Seals and trims are also suited for car boots.

Garage Door Seals: Standard and flexible garage door seals are available for both close fits as well as sealing larger gaps of up to 10cm from the elements.

Domestic & Commercial Door Seals: Fine and close fitting door seals are available for precision door systems including fire doors. These door seals offer both a snug fit, draft exclusion as well as sound proofing.

Revolving Doors: We offer seals for revolving doors cut to cut.

Door Sweeps: Used to seal the irregular gap at the base of a door. Available in a range of sizes and lengths.

Sliding Doors: Door seals for sliding doors.

Glass Doors: Door seals for glass doors.

Rubber Snow Plough Blades

Rubber Snow Plough Blades: With winter always just around the corner many local authorities and council departments, now is always a good time to be preparing their snow ploughs and snow clearing equipment. We stock a wide range of rubber snow plough blades in thicknesses up to 15mm. Fixing holes can be made to suit your requirements and mounting plates and fixings supplied. To order your rubber snow plough blades call now.

Rubber Snow Plough Blades


Rubber Hoses: We supply standard hosing for water, air and oil pumping as well as specialist hosing for applications such as welding, suction, hydraulics, and steam. Fittings and asseccories are also available.

Water Hose: Water hose for suction, delivery, heating and vehicle radiators can be supplied cut to length.

•Delivery Hose: SBR/EPDM tube and cover with reinforced braid. 7 Bar (105psi)
•Suction Hose: SBR with reinforced braid and wire helix with SBR/EPDM cover. 10 Bar (150psi)
•Heater Hose: EPDM tube and cover with reinforced braid. 6 Bar (100psi)
•Radiator Hose: SBR/EPDM tube with EPDM cover and reinforced braid. 7 Bar (105psi)
Available fittings include stainless steel, bras and plastic lug fittings as well as male & female snaptite valved sockets and valved plugs.

Air Hose: Air hose, also suitable for water, used mainly in manufacturing and engineering environments for pneumatic and cleaning applications. Available in diameters from 6mm up to 25mm in reels upto 100m or cut to length. Material is synthetic braid between SBR suited for pressures upto 20 Bar (300psi).

Fittings available for air hoses include Dix-Lock quick acting couplings, Air King universal couplings, two way shut off couplers, straight thru couplers, and mould & die coolant couplers.

Oil Hose: Oil hose for petrochemical products including petrol, diesel and fuel oils.

•Oil Delivery Hose: Nitrile tube and SBR cover with reinforced braid. 10 Bar (150psi)
•Oil Suction Hose: Nitrile tube and Chloroprene cover with wire helix. 10 Bar (150psi)

Steam Hose: Steam hose cut to length.

•Steam Hose 100psi: EPDM tube and cover with reinforced braid. 6 Bar (100psi)
•Steam Hose 250psi: EPDM tube and cover with wire helix. 18 Bar (250psi)
A range of clamps and fittings are available.

Food & Drink Hose: Food hose cut to length. Suitable for soft drink, and brewery products.

•Delivery Hose: Non toxic natural rubber, EPDM cover with reinforced braid. 10 Bar (150psi)
•Suction Hose: Non toxic natural rubber, EPDM cover with reinforced braid & double wire helix. 10 Bar (150psi)

Hydraulics Hose : Hydraulic hose cut to length for low to medium pressure applications.

Single Wire Braid: SBR tube and cover with wire helix reinforcement. 3250psi. DIN 20 022 Type 1SN

Double Wire Braid: SBR tube and cover with double wire helix reinforcement. 5750psi. Meets DIN 20 022 Type 2SN

Welding Hose: Welding hose cut to length for oxygen/acetylene and propane systems.

Oxygen/Acetylene Welding: EPDM tube and cover with reinforced braid, (red for acetylene, blue for oxygen). 20 Bar (290psi)

Propane Welding: EPDM tube and cover with reinforced braid. 20 Bar (290psi)

Flat Hose: Layflat hose for discharge side of pump, suitable for agriculture, conservation, industry, construction, slurries and irrigation.

Layflat Tubing : PVC with reinforced braid.

Armoured Hose: Armoured hose cut to length for demanding applications including pumping of granulated materials, sludges, slurreys, and operating in dangerous environments such as mining and dredging.

Armoured Hose: Nitrile hose with galvanised steel braiding with strip-wound with galvanised and polyolefin cover 15 Bar, Tensile Breaking >170 tonnes


Pipe & Tube

Pipe & Tube: We supply a range of pipe and tube products for industrial applications including the food industry, brewing, water distribution, and material handling.

Pipe Products: We supply pipes in a range of materials and sizes for water mains, emergency water mains repair and works, cable carrying, air handling and gases.

Tube Products: Tubes are available in rubber, plastic and woven material composites for cable carrying, low and high pressure gas handling and brewery applications.


Custom Made Gaskets: We can cut any gasket to size from customer drawings in a range of materials.

Rubber Gaskets: We can convert gaskets from 1 to 5000 off up to 6mm thick in a range of rubbers. If you can draw it, we can cut it.

Cork Gaskets: We can cut gaskets into cork material to customer specifications. Nebar and Nitrile Based Cork from 1 – 25mm thick supplied 1m wide.

Neoprene Gaskets : Gaskets can be cut from neoprene rubber up to 8mm thick.

Playground Tile

Playtile: Playtiles are manufactured using best quality raw materials from leading UK manufacturers. The rubber being a milled, sieved and graded Styrene Butadiene Rubber (Black) in reclaimed truck/lorry tyre shred form, bound together using a 10% ratio of moisture curing Polyurethane Pre-Polymer. All Playtiles are pressure moulded using the same shred material throughout.

Quality: All Playtiles have been fully tested by The Independent Centre for Sports technology in accordance with European Standard EN1177 and British Standards BS7188:1989 and BS5696 Part 3:1979 'Methods of Testing Impact Absorbing Playground Surfaces' and all comply or exceed its criteria. They have also been tested to the 'Specification for Impact Absorbing Mat for Children's Playgrounds', published by the Architectural Services Department of The Government of Hong Kong.

Standard SBR Rubber Playtiles: SBR rubber Playtiles are made from recycled truck tyres. They are naturally black in colour but can be dyed during manufacture to either green or terracotta red. This dye however, is not UV stable and will fade or darken in time. These tiles will also release a black carbon over time, which could be transferred on to shoes and clothing and are not suitable for areas where young children are crawling.

EPDM Topped Rubber Playtiles: EPDM tiles have a 12mm thick topping of EPDM rubber. EPDM is not a recycled product, is more UV stable and does not release carbon black. More expensive than SBR Playtiles, they are ideal when appearance is more important as they are brighter with a more permanent colour.

Size: Playtiles are available in 1m2 size and in 14 various thicknesses. Playtiles are fully tested to EN1177 and BS7188 and all comply or exceed their criteria.

Critical Fall Heights: Playtiles are manufactured using only the best quality raw materials from leading ISO registered UK manufacturers. Critical Fall Heights for the Playtile are.

Safagrass: New to our range is a product called Safagrass which is an environmentally friendly non-slip, impact absorbing safety and footway surface ideal for use around school playgrounds, which comes in interlocking squares that require no special skills or tools to install and are easily shaped to fit around existing structures providing complete ground coverage. Thames Valley Supplies Limited also supply the granulated rubber products for establishing full ground cover for maximum impact damage reduction in children play areas - Further details available on request, subject to site assessment.


Corporate & Industrial Clothing: Thames Valley Supplies have established over the last few years a division that supplies Industrial / Corporate Clothing from "head to toe" to a wide range of companies. Our range of clothing includes: Coveralls, Work Trousers, Warehouse Coats, Aprons, Gloves - Industrial and chemical resistant, vinyl and latex. We are also a distributor for Tuskers and LH Safety industrial foot ware. As part of our offering to schools we offer lightweight children's high visibility waistcoats that fold away into black 'bum bag' belts designed to EN 1150:1999 standards. A brochure indicating our range is available upon request. A further service of embroidering and heat sealing company logo's is also available. For further information, please contact our friendly sales team on 020 8560 3385

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