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Diamond Metal Finishing Co Ltd, The (Zinc Plating)

The Diamond Metal Finishing Company Limited is one of the UK's leading specialists in consistent, uniform and aesthetically pleasing Electroplating, Aluminium Conversion Coatings and Powder Coatings. In particular, the finishing and protection of Sheetmetal Components, Fasteners, Brackets and Fabrications from many types of industry including:

  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Computer
  • Electrical
  • Electronic
  • Fabrication Sheet Metal
  • Fastener
  • Horticulture
  • Precision Engineering
  • Sports Equipment
  • Window
Diamond Metal Finishing Co Ltd, The (Zinc Plating)

Zinc Plating

The Diamond Metal Finishing Company Offers

Zinc Electroplating Specialist (Conforming to ROHS , ELV & WEEE directives)
Zinc Plating (capacity 3.9 mtrs X 1.2 Mtrs X 0.4 Mtrs)
Clear Passivation  (ROHS Compliant)
Yellow Passivation

Olive Drab Passivation
Thick film Trivalent Passivation  (ROHS compliant)

Alocrom 1200 and 1000  (ROHS Compliant)
Iridite NCP  (ROHS Compliant)
Supreme Seal 500

Clear Passivation
Non-chromate Iridite NCP

Hydrogen De-Embrittlement
Rogard Supreme Seal 500
JS 500

BS & RAL Colour ranges

Iron Phosphate Pre-treatment

Shot/Sand Blasting

Zinc Plating/Electroplating

We Comply With:-

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 9001
  • RoHS compliant
  • WEEE compliant
  • ELV compliant

We are very well established as one of the leading quality conscious electroplating/metal finishing companies in the UK. We offer an unparalleled 24/7 service to our customers supplying a very high class finish which is uniform, consistent in colour and aesthetically pleasing.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating is the application of a dry, powdered coating on the surface of your parts. The parts are given an electrostatic charge and the powder is given the opposite electrostatic charge. This ensures complete coverage when the powder is sprayed - even on complex shapes. The powder coating is then fused to the surface (cured) in a temperature-controlled oven and the powder ‘melts’ over the part to form a hard, protective coating.

Powder coatings come in a wide variety of colours and textures and offer a highly durable scratch and chemical resistant finish. It also provides excellent corrosion protection.

Powder Types

There are five major types of powder

  • Epoxy
  • Epoxy Polyester
  • Polyester
  • Nylon (warm to touch)
  • Antibacterial

Each of these powders has different performance characteristics.

Powder Types

Colours and Materials

We stock the full range of Pantone, RAL, BS381C and BS 4800 and colours as shown on our Colour Charts page and offer a choice of finishes including matt, gloss and satin. Non-standard colours may be available on request. 
Summary of Powder Coating Qualities

  • No risk of running or blistering
  • High repeatability
  • Powder coatings withstand knocks and abrasion far better than wet paint coatings
  • Good formability (e.g. can be formed after coating)
  • Suitable for outdoor use - good resistance to UV and corrosion
  • A beautiful and uniform quality finish without paint runs
  • Cost efficient - even on small batches or single items
  • The electrostatic powder process ensures complete coverage - even on complex shapes
  • Choice of finishes - clear, plain colour, metallic or textured
  • Protection against external ultraviolet fading
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Exceptional gloss and colour retention
  • Robust mechanical and chemical performance - good at resisting abrasion, acids, solvents etc.
  • Good electrical insulation capabilities
  • Strong resistance to chips, scratches, chemicals and grease
  • Virtually any colour can be matched
  • Tends not to run, drip or sag which may result in fewer rejects
  • High resistance to damage by weather
  • Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)

Aluminium Conversion Coating

Our range of finishes include
  • Alocrom 1000 & 1200 (for Aluminium)
  • Iridite NCP (for Aluminium)
  • Chrome III Thick Film Trivalent Passivation
  • Hydrogen De-Embrittlement
  • Lacquering
  • Rogard Supreme Seal 500
  • Zinc Electroplating (Clear, Yellow & Olive Passivation)
  • JS 500
  • Iron Phophate
  • Powder Coating
  • Shot/Sand Blasting

Aluminium Conversion Coating (Incorporating Alocrom 1000, 1200 and non-chromate Iridite NCP)

The Process

The component will firstly be thoroughly cleaned, degreased and mildly etched prior to this process commencing.

The treatment chosen is then applied by either brush or swab to localised areas or by immersion if required for the entire component. Once applied or immersed the process will take up to 5 mins to create a thin, clear or gold coloured, protective film across the component or area treated.

The component is then rinsed initially in cold clean running water for 30 seconds, followed by a hot rinse across within a weakened treatment solution for 15-30 seconds.

The technician will then make a final inspection to make sure the component or area treated has an even clear or gold coloured coating.

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