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We design and manufacture geodesic domes for hire at private, public and corporate events. Our geodesic domes can be mobile, easily relocated, or permanent structures that are extremely quick to erect.

All of our geodesic dome designs are subject to engineering analysis to ensure we produce the safest possible structures. The size of our geodesic domes range from 5 metres to 30 metres in diameter. 

Geodesic Dome Hire

We offer geodesic dome hire to private, public and corporate events. Our geodesic domes offer high quality venues to match the events held within them.

Interweaving, laminated timber arches make up the geodesic dome frames. The timber arches are held in place by steel nodes and the tensioned fabric cover. The construction for the geodesic domes means they can be erected on almost any flat service, including concrete, tarmac, paving and grass.

With geodesic dome hire, we offer short- and long-term hire all year round. We can provide a quote for geodesic dome hire based on your specifications.   

Geodesic Dome Design

We have a highly innovative and experienced design team who are committed to exploring new ideas. We have enhanced and top-of-the-range facilities required for geodesic dome design. We can produce structures from scratch using our specially equipped workshop.

As well as our geodesic dome design, we have the knowledge and skill to develop other structures as well.

We offer assistance to our hire customers for any problems that may arise during their event, presentation or other function.

25 Metre Dome

Our 25 metre dome option has a celing that stands 9.5 metre high and provides full standing height for all of its 490 metres.

The 25 metre domes offer variable set-ups with differing capacities. A dance floor set up the 25 metre dome can accommodate 600 to 700 people. For a theatre set-up, the 25 metre dome has a capacity of 400 to 450 people.

The positioning of the doorways is up to customer specification and linking tunnels can be produced to join two structures together. 

22.5 Metre Dome

Our 22.5 metre dome is based on typical dome geometry and has a footprint of 397 square metres. The 22.5 metre dome has a height of 6.5 metres and provides a 317 square metre standing area.

In the 22.5 metre dome, 450-500 people can be accommodated if set up as a dance floor. As a theatre set-up, the 22.5 metre dome has a capacity of 300-350 people.

The 22.5 metre dome can be used as a fully enclosed space or as an open canopy if the walling is removed.   

Stage Dome

The stage dome is currently in development and is based on the structure of our 10 metre dome.

Our stage dome is perfect for small- and medium-sized outdoor events.  

Dome Lighting

We offer a variety of dome lighting, flooring and tunnel options for domes. These include plywood flooring, circular or square lighting trusses, and bespoke tunnels made to customer specification.

To see our full range of dome lighting, dome flooring and tunnel options, please visit our website.

Dome Branding

We offer the option of dome branding our products. We can produce covers for any of our domes that are designed and branded to customer specifications.

Our dome branding can include fully printed graphics both inside and outside to provide a unique setting for many customer uses.

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