The DRS Club


DRS Club offers thousands of discounts and privileges from brand name companies to high street and everything in between.

Genuine everyday savings with thousands of discounts; travel, home and garden, entertainment and going out, insurance services, giftcards, fashion, High Street and a whole lot more. The loyalty club membership enhances your spending power by giving you more for less.

Discounts and Promotional Offers

The DRS Club list of retailers, including many major brands, provides exclusive discounts and promotional offers to members.

Typical membership savings are in excess of £1136 per year per family, making significant savings on everyday expenditure from groceries to clothing, holidays to motoring, and much more!!

Discounts and Promotional Offers

Charity Projects

Through the DRS-Club over 5000 retailers are offering member's extremely attractive discounts for you and your family to enjoy, easily saving the members over £1000 each year.

Once you become a member a virtual bank account is established for you, into which you can add donations you wish to make but this bank account is primarily to collect free donations which you will receive from retailers when you purchase through your DRS-Club membership.


Charity Projects
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