The Industrial Marketing Agency

Practical effective marketing for industrial SMEs maximising small budgets – enabling big growth. Helping companies to punch above their weight, grow and survive.

All the time growing our evidence base along with our experience and gradually bringing these changes and opportunities to our clients in a proven, cost effective way. In over 20 years we have pro-actively developed our services from the age of print media onto the Internet and now the Social Media eras.


The Industrial Marketing Agency focuses on promotion “free at the point of publication” under the umbrella of Press Relations and Social Media.

We cover PR to:

  • Trade Press print media
  • B2B internet media
  • Directories
  • Newsletters

Social media to:

  • Video Channels
  • Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc


  • Product Photos
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Websites

We also recognise that paid for promotion plays an important part in the marketing mix and so also offer the following advertising options:

  • Online Packages
  • Adwords
  • Printed Publications

Industrial PR Program

Industrial PR differs significantly from tabloid PR – in the industrial arena we are acting as an information and education channel between manufacturer/suppliers to design/buyers with material included free at the point of publication. This valuable role benefits both ends of the channel and it is our job to provide simple technical information to people who are seeking it.

The operation of Industrial PR in B2B industries is based on solid facts about techniques and technologies from the high-tech to the mundane – all are widespread forming the tech’ base of our lives and work.

Here at The Industrial Marketing Agency we take it as our responsibility to fulfil this role to the best of our ability using yardsticks of a straightforward approach leading to cost-effective use of SME budgets – i.e. getting the biggest bang for your buck!

Industrial PR Program

Social Media Program

Social Media in the industrial manufacturing industry is still in its infancy, but it is growing as more companies recognise the potential benefits.

Social Media gives you the opportunity to build your brand, connect and build relationships with your customers, suppliers, prospects and partners, as well as improving your SEO and driving traffic to your website.

So which social media platforms do we utilise for your industry? Whilst Facebook may not be an obvious choice, it is still the largest network and we consistently record click-throughs to our clients’ websites from Facebook; however, Twitter and LinkedIn are often more successful in terms of driving traffic to sites. The one essential part of a successful social media campaign for your industrial manufacturing company is a blog. This fresh content is essential for giving people a reason to visit your website on a regular basis.

Social Media Program


Product photos
We use digital product photos to accompany press releases. We can produce an image from scratch by photographing the image and then place the image on a suitable background or we can take digital images sent by clients and then cut out the image and place on a suitable background

Give us your company videos and let us use them to create awareness for your products. If you haven’t already got a YouTube account we can set one up for you. Social Media is also good vehicle for publicising your videos. If you haven’t got any company videos we can produce one for you quickly and cheaply just by using digital images, text and music. Videos are probably the most exciting area within industrial marketing at the moment.

Books – ebooks or printed books
Have you got hundreds of individual data sheets on your website which are downloadable as PDF files? Have you thought about putting all of these datasheets together in one ebook which you could then e-mail out to customers for them to easily find what they are looking for in one place. The same could apply for whitepapers and other technical documents – and how impressive for customers to receive a printed reference copy of their own.

We design, develop and maintain industrial websites from simple blogs to main sites.



Online packages
Online advertising packages are an effective way to spreading the word about your company and its products. Packages can range from a few hundred pounds to thousands and can run from an enhanced directory entry to banners, buttons and newsletters.

Let us set up and manage your Google Adwords account to get the best from those keyword searches

Printed Publications
We can organise the production of your adverts and arrange placement of your company adverts in relevant industry magazines.


The Industrial Marketing Agency Overview