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  • Barcode Experts
  • Full Thermal Print Solutions
  • European Distributor for Hand Held Products
  • UK Distributor for CAB
  • Service providers (Not Box Shifters)
Label Store, a specialist Barcode Printing Company that helps improve productivity for retail and industry customers and is a business partner with the like of Boots, B&Q, Harrods and Alcan Packaging.

The Label Store works on the simple principle that delays within either a manufacturing or retail environment caused by poor quality barcodes simply dont make economic sense. "It's bad enough when we're held up at the supermarket check out, but behind the scenes, the whole management of goods or components in and out revolves around the barcode. Therefore, anything less than the best quality possible is false economy."

The Label Store employs 28 people at its Beverley site in Yorkshire where sales revolve around Thermal Label Printers, Label Design Software, and Barcode Verification Equipment and of course labels in all guises.

The Label Store has grown steadily by constantly responding to customers requests. A wide range of self-adhesive or non adhesive labels such as shelf front labels or swing tickets are printed on five and six colour presses. Although the majority of retail products (especially in supermarkets) have permanent labels that incorporate barcodes, other products such as fresh foods often need an individual or personalised label. Where large items are being broken down into smaller packs of varying weights - cheese, meat, vegetables for example - individual labels are necessary. Here, the retailer must decide whether the volume justifies the investment of its own desk top printer, or whether to use Label Store's bureau facilities.

As an integral part of its portfolio, Label Store sells a range of Thermal Desk Top Printers.

To demonstrate the quality of the products it sells, the same machines are used within the bureau - probably processing more work and undergoing rougher treatment than would be the case in the customers business. Once customers decide to opt for in-house printing they must then choose between thermal transfer or direct thermal printing. Direct thermal is the simplest process but is only really suitable for products with a short shelf life - fresh foods for example or items being delivered by post or courier. The reason is that instead of using a ribbon, the image is created by exposing a specially treated substrate to heat and the resulting chemical reaction produces the desired image. However, the image does deteriorate with time and especially if once again exposed to temperatures or to certain chemicals. Thermal transfer, on the other hand, offers the combination of good quality printing and long life, making it suitable and popular in just about every business sector from automotive to pharmaceuticals. The process uses a ribbon which varies in width from one or two-inches up to eight-inches and comes in a range of materials from low cost wax to high end resins able to withstand heat, oil, water and many other contaminants. In both cases, Label Store concentrates on a range of printers from Germany under the name of Cab.

Label Store has demonstrated through its own usage that these machines deliver top quality and good reliability. In order to justify its claim to be a complete one-stop shop service, the business is now catering to the growing use of radio frequency identification chips. It's unlikely that the conventional barcode will be completely replaced by RFID, but there is certainly a place for chips. Not needing to be in the line of sight of the label or not having to scan every individual product can be a big advantage; as can the increased amount of information that can be stored on a chip together with "read write" capability. Having said that, the barcode industry is fighting back with new symbologies alongside the most common EAN13 and EAN8 Systems in order to provide more information for customers. New industry specification codes are being introduced.

Alternatively, 2D Barcodes are being used to provide more information than the traditional linear barcode. Either way, Label Store is determined to stay abreast of any developments and provide the services its customers want.

The Label Store is fortunate in having a very loyal workforce collectively they can offer customers over 200 years of experience and the whole team is dedicated to providing the kind of close personal attention that creates lasting partnerships with clients.

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