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We are experts in several facets to cosmetic dentistry allowing us to enhance your smiles and teeth. We use a combination of several technologies and advanced systems. Our cosmetic dentistry options have created more choices our patient in their effort to get better smiles.

Our cosmetic dentistry techniques include:

  • Alignment - when teeth straightening methods are used to create a uniform arch. This is a great conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry for adults.
  • Bonding - technique using adhesion dentistry to bond different materials to a tooth surface to alter its shape and form.  Bonding can have beautiful end-results when chosen correctly.
  • Contouring - requires skill and artistry in the cosmetic dentist. It is a method that uses micro-adjustments to produce a specific look, working extremely well in combination treatments.
  • Bleaching - another term for teeth whitening where teeth can be easily made to look much brighter and fresher.

Dental Implants

We offer a combination of permanent treatment solutions using dental implants. We replace missing teeth and gaps with dental implants, thereby restoring your chewing ability and giving you back your confidence.

The aim of our dental implants are:

  • To create a stable mouth
  • So a patient can chew properly
  • So a patient can have retentive, stable and reliable dentures
  • To help retain your healthy teeth 
Dental Implants

Orthodontic Teeth Straightening Treatment

Our advanced orthodontic teeth straightening treatments provide a choice to our customers who want  to have straighter teeth and faster results. Orthodontic treatment is the science of assessing, diagnosing and treating crooked teeth, jaw discrepancies, facial profile and form.

You would benefit from orthodontic treatment if you have any of the following:

  • Noticeably crooked teeth
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Deep overbite (front teeth overlapping too much vertically)
  • An open bite (where some teeth cannot be brought into contact)
  • Difficulty chewing food
Orthodontic Teeth Straightening Treatment

Complete Care Dentistry

We want all of our patients to have healthy mouths and attractive, perfect smiles. We offer complete care dentistry with detailed examinations and assessments. With the help of advance state-of-the-art technology and our in-house visiting specialists, we have customised our assessments to meet your needs and wishes.

We offer three types of complete care dentistry:

  • Signature Complete Care Comprehensive Dental Assessment
  • Health Focused Comprehensive Care Dental Assessment
  • Children’s Complete Care Dental Assessment
Complete Care Dentistry

Cosmetic Laser Dentistry

We are proud provide the  many benefits of cosmetic laser dentistry. As one of the few practices in the country to offer the service, our cosmetic laser dentistry is:

  • Quick and painless
  • Little or no local anaesthesia needed
  • Minimum or no post operative discomfort
  • Minimises the need for stitches
  • Faster healing of soft tissues
  • Modern, safe and very effective
Cosmetic Laser Dentistry

The Perfect Smile

The Perfect Smile Studios provide a unique combination of services. We aim to be:

  • Innovation – uses state-of-the-art techniques in dentistry
  • Experience – has dedication, passion and experience in cosmetic dentistry
  • Specialists – houses highly experienced and intensely skilled dentists and visiting specialists to produce superb quality cosmetic, general and advanced dentistry

Please visit our site today to see how we can give you that perfect smile.

The Perfect Smile

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