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Pallet Strapping Machines 

The Plastic Strapping Company manufactures bespoke mobile  pallet strapping machines  - primarily unique low cost strapping machines that can simultaneously place up to 4  straps around around and under a palletized load - in just a few seconds - watch a video of the basic model being used - it enables a pallet be strapped in 40 seconds. Click Here to see the full range of unique strapping machines.

Pallet Truck Mounted Strapping Machine

The pallet truck that applies strapping is ideal for those situations where product is strapped to a pallet, and the pallet then moved... with a pallet truck. The truck is entering the pallet to move it so why not use it to apply two straps simultaneouly around the pallet  in seconds -  at the same time! the nett effect is that the time and effort required to strap the pallets is reduced by at least 50%. Learn more about how it's done and see how a pallet can be strapped in just 40 seconds.

Pallet Strapping Machine applies vertical & horizontal straps simultaneously

Pallet Strapping machine VP2WA1 is ideal for those pallets requiring both vertical and horizontal strapping to be applied - easily and quickly - such as palletised chemical barrels.  This mobile strapping machine has a small footprint so is ideal for restricted working areas  - see just how quick easy it is View the video  Tool suspension units can be fitted to this Strap Poka such that the operator does not have to support the weight of a strapping tool - particularly useful when applying horizontal straps - makes the job almost ' Hands Free'.

A variation on this machine Model H2SAVP1 is one that applies both vertical and horizontal straps SIMULTANEOUSLY, simply by pushing the unit around the pallet - click this link for more information.

New Box & Carton Strapping Machines

New, Carton, Board and Bundle Strapping Machines from European, Japanese and Taiwanese manufacturers represent best state of the art and value, complemented by excellent UK after sales service back up. The only but vital qualification to this statement being 'Buy only mainline brands' as service facilities for many, not all, of the Far Eastern manufacturers are extremely limited in the UK. PSCL offer only mainland brands for our own peace of mind, as well as yours to ensure a mutually beneficial business relationship The strapping machines include semi automatic, automatic and automated inline plastic strapping systems, all of which carry a manufacturers 12 month warranty. See the complete range Click the Link

Used box & carton Banding Machines

Second hand and used strapping machines can be great value provided main line brands are targeted and purchased from sources with extensive experience of strapping equipment. They are ideal for start up situations where capital outlay may be restricted, for use as back up machines where mainline strapping machines falter, to cope with unexpected demand, and for emergency used whilst awaiting a service engineer.

PSCL machines are sold with a three month return to base warranty and the pictures shown are of the actual machines offered. The machines are offered in clean working condition - videos are available on request - and the machines are not cosmetically dressed.

Click here to see the current range of used, secondhand carton & box strapping machines

Automatic & Automated Pallet Strapping Machines

Automatic & Automated  Pallet Strapping Machines

This type of strapping machine is best suited where pallets are motorised conveyor fed direct from a production line otherwise machine capacity is significantly reduced and costs increased by the time taken to feed pallets into ,(and subsequently removed) from the machine. In fact, it has been shown time and time again, that a simple mobile pallet strapping machine costing just a fraction of the purchase cost of these sophisticated units, can be as fast, with reduced pallet handling and virtuall nil maintenance cost.... i.e know as Strap Pokas these devices can strap a pallet in just 40 seconds... without moving the pallet anywhere!

However, where production layout is suitable the automatic/automated strapping machine are ideal for 24/7 operations and to see the wide range of strapping machines available  click the link

Banding & Strapping Tools

Plastic Strapping Handtools.

PSCL offer a very wide range of manual, mechanical and battery powered banding tools for use with polypropylene and polyester strapping tools. With all types of tooling it really is a case of 'you get what you pay for', particularly with the battery powered tooling where many are tempted to buy the cheapest available, only to discover later that the percieved saving is largely illusory as the after sales maintenance costs and frequency can be much higher than European manufactured tools of this type.European manufacturers have more than 40 years manufacturing experience... the others have just ten years approx...

To see the full range of handtools offered Click the Link New Handtools 

Used Strapping & Banding Handtools

Used Strapping & banding Handtools

Used strapping tools can be excellent value and PSCL generally have a good range on offer. See current offer list

The tools offered are generally mainline Brands and hundreds of pounds can be saved when compared with the buying new.  The tools will be mechanically sound and clean but no 'cosmetic refurbishing' is done - we have no interest in adding cost when the performance of a tool is not improved. Biggest savings are achieved on the battery powered friction weld banding tools and mechanical one piece strapping/banding tools


Printed Strapping & Banding

Printed Strapping & Banding

PSCL have seven print lines for strapping and can print as little as 6 coils so theres no excuse for not adding that final professional look to all to all products despatched. Of course, we print large quantities too, on polypropylene and extruded polyester strapping with a choice from all the primary colours. Sales slogans, logos, tel numbers etc as well as your Company name on the strap ensure all packs in a consignment are easily identified, as well as providing low cost brand reinforcement.

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Plastic Strapping and Banding

Plastic Strapping - a generic term that includes extruded polypropylene, polyester and nylon, corded and woven polyester strapping. All types of strapping can be used with handtools, but only the extruded straps are used with semi, automatic and automated strapping machines. Strapping is produced all over the world but that used in the UK is either manufactured in the UK or imported from Europe, both sources having long experience at producing strapping materials to a consistent high quality. 

Click the link to learn more about plastic strapping materials

Plastic Strapping and Banding

Corded Polyester Strapping

Corded polyester strapping is available in a wide range of widths and break strengths that can exceed those obtainable with other extruded plastic straps, consequently cordstrap is in widespread use for heavy duty applications in timber, building products, heavy engineering and shipping industries where goods are strapped to pallets.

Corded Polyester strapping holds the applied tension for very long periods, and unlike polypropylene strapping does not relax, and is unaffected by changes in ambient temperature and ultra violet exposure. Consequently cordstrap is particularly suited to most export packing applications, particularly to hot climates, and applications where steel strap was previously used.. Cordstrap is joined by means of a metal buckle -strap is threaded into the buckle and the slack 'pulled up' by hand. Subsequently the strap is fully tightened with a tensioning tool. The joint or seal strength is calculated as 75 -80% of the quoted linear strength of the strap being used. Corded polyester strapping can be re-tightened should it slacken due for example where bundles of timber subsequently dry out, or packs are compressed by having others stacked on top of them.

It is vital to use good quality CB HD buckles with Cordstrap otherwise the strength of the system will be compromised.* Linear break strengths (BS) are quoted on the popular lines offered. Learn more about corded and woven polyester strapping

Woven Polyester Strapping

Woven Polyester Strapping.

Video: How to use woven polyester/buckle/tensioner

Woven Polyester Strapping is a premium grade high visibility (Yellow) or standard (White) very close woven strapping material used for  applications such as irregular shaped packs where a tensioner and buckle is the only practical means of applying securing straps or where the edge of a product has a tendency to split extruded or coarser woven straps.

Steel Banding & Strapping

Steel Strapping, now largely superseded by polyester strapping in the UK for most applications, is available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, and is generally presented in either what is generally known as ribbon or pancake wound coils, or the larger heavier duty oscillation wound coils. Unlike plastic strapping it is sold by weight. To learn more about steel strapping and the tooling used to apply it  click this link Steel Strapping 

Strapping Tools for Steel Banding

There are more than a hundred different strapping tools for applying steel strapping and the good ones are inevitably sourced from USA or European manufacturers. The easiest and quickest to use are the sealess variety but these are generally limited to rectangular shapes packs. What are generally known as pusher bar tools are used on irregular and round shaped bundles, and pneumatic tools are generally recommended for very heavy duty applications on production lines, such as steelworks.

Learn more about steel strapping tools by clicking the link.

Plastic & Steel Strapping Reel Holders

A wide variety of static and mobile reelholders are manufactured by PSCL for use with steel and plastic strapping materials. To see the full range of Strapping trolleys and stands click the link Plastic and steel strapping trolleys

Clips,seals and buckles for plastic straps

Metal clips,seals and buckles are used to join plastic straps, and are in fact .the weakest link regardless of the type of strapping being used. The strength of a strapping loop holding products onto pallets is not controlled by the linear strength of the strap, but by the ability of the seal to hold the two ends of the strapping loop together... without letting the strap slip through.Learn more about about seals, clips and buckles by cliking the link.

Corner & Edge Protection

Corner & Edge protection pieces and strips prevent plastic banding cutting into the edge of palletised products when the plastic strapping is tightened over the pack. The small polyproylene corner pieces are generally packed 1000 psc per carton, and the cardboard edge protection available in cut lengths - min 5000 length packs.

Steel & Plastic Strap Choppers

Steel & Plastic Strapping choppers are ideal for Companies that have to remove straps from product and then dispose of it. Strap choppers quickly cut waste strapping into short lengths which is collected from a drum or IBC bag placed beneath the unit... the key benefit being there is no longer a need to pay for skips containing little more than 'Fresh Air' when strapping is 'Skipped'   Site and employee safety is also improved, and bulk bags of strapping can be recycled... everyone wins!

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