The Power Store (CCL Components Ltd)

Brings together the best in Power Conversion Solutions at thePowerStore , Computer Solutions at theComputerStore and Cable Solutions at theCableStore from some of the worlds leading technology providers.

Morven Electronics manufacture professional Battery Chargers, DC-DC Converters, Power Supplies and Custom Power Solutions & Variants to Standard Products; we work very closely with Morven not only on these standard product ranges but also on a wide range of Custom requests. thePowerStore also offer DC-DC Converters from Zentro & Effekta. Power Supplies from Meanwell & Zentro, DC-AC Sinewave Inverters from Studer, Cotek, Effekta and Mobitronic and Lab Supplies & Electronic Loads from Zentro.

In most areas of computing we could all do with a convenient method of ordering our computer supplies, whether we need an Infra red receiver, a wireless product, a KVM switch or the interconnecting cables to make the connection. theComputerStore provides the solution! As well as offering the products, we work closely with many of our partners to offer technical backup. In the case of Belkin products, that support extends to using the Belkin Wizards to help you choose the best products to match your requirements.

theCableStore act as agents with some of the world┬┐s leading cable providers introducing cables in low volume quantities from throughout the world. Many of the computer cables we offer will be under the CCL & Belkin brands and we would be very interested should you require a quotation for one of our cables in a quantity out-with our standard distribution quantities.

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