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The Safety Supply stock and distribute a comprehensive range of PPE products. You can save money by buying your personal protective equipment (PPE) direct from PPE suppliers.

We stock a comprehensive range of the following:

  • Workwear covers
  • Safety boots
  • Shoes
  • Protective clothing
  • Protective equipment

We also stock: First aid kits, safety goggles and hi vis clothing.

Head Protection

We stock a vast range of head protection products. Head protection is required in industries falling objects is greater or head space is restricted.

When working in construction choosing the correct head protection is vital and could be a choice between life and death.

  • All hard hats
  • Attachments for hard hats
  • Short peak hard hats
  • Bump caps
  • Centurion helmets

We also stock: Black hard hats, helmet instruction signs and all lightweight helmets including the New JSP Evo Lite.

Hi Vis Clothing

Hi Vis clothing is grouped in to 3 classes and is vital for safety of the users when working outdoors.

Class 1: Lowest standard of protection, visibility is an advantage.
Class 2: Is the average standard of protection and more often then not a high-vis waist coat.
Class 3: Is the highest form of protection and applies to Hi-Vis jackets.

Hi Vis Clothing

  • Hi vis value range
  • All yellow Hi-vis
  • All orange hi-vis including rail and underground
  • Executive and luxury
  • All other colour hi-vis

We also stock: All mixed colour hi-vis, all hi-vis vests, all hi-vis jackets, all hi-vis trousers and all red brace hi vis.

All Safety Footwear

We stock a comprehensive range of all safety footwear. Our safety footwear products cater for all different environments, price, brand and sizes:

All Safety Footwear

  • The value footwear range
  • Value safety shoes for under £50.00
  • Executive safety footwear
  • Value safety boots for under £30.00
  • All safety boots

We also stock: Rigger boots, safety trainers, non metallic safety footwear and safety wellingtons.

Safety Gloves

We stock a comprehensive range of safety gloves which offers high protection on extremely high levels and competitive prices. Safety gloves are critical to protection in a massive range of industries. We aim to stock and supply safety gloves to meet all situations.

  • General use gloves
  • PU dexterity gloves
  • Chemical and wet gloves
  • Gauntlet gloves
  • Rigger gloves

We also stock: Anti cut gloves, anti puncture gloves, heat and electrical gloves and cold protection gloves.

Eye and Face Protection

With eye and face protection being critical to all working environments we make sure that we stock a vast profile of eye and face protection products.

We know that injury to the eye can lead to loss of time, money and in the worse case lose of your eyesight.

Eye and Face Protection

  • Budget safety spectacles
  • Style safety spectacles
  • All safety spectacles
  • Safety goggles
  • Anti mist and fog spectacles and goggles

We also stock: Safety over specs, face shields, filterSpec, pulsafe, bolle and peltor.

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