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Thermal Exchange Ltd offers a comprehensive range of thermal management and process cooling systems for industrial, medical and laboratory applications.
Products include industrial chillers, process thermostats, air-blast coolers, laboratory water baths, temperature baths, oil coolers and liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers.
Thermal Exchange equipment provides temperature control solutions from -90°C to +400°C, with precision temperature control up to ±0.01°C.
A large range of viscometers and tensiometry measuring systems are also available, including tensiometers for dynamic and interfacial surface tension calculation along with fully automated viscosity measuring systems. 

Industrial Chillers ( 2 - 250kW)

Refrigerated, (Air or Water-Cooled Condenser) closed circuit industrial chillers for circulating coolant from +5 to +25°C...

The industrial range of heavy duty CH circulation chillers provides the perfect solution to applications involving high heat removal and coolant flow requirements.

Units are supplied as standard with an impressive array of safety features and are suitable for indoor and outdoor location.

Temperature Baths

LAUDA offer a complete range of heating and cooling systems, oil and water, circulating temperature baths/thermostats, for internal and external circulation of coolant for temperature control from -90°C to +300°C.

Laboratory Chillers (1 - 9 kW)

Refrigerated, (Air or Water-Cooled Condenser) closed circuit laboratory chillers for circulating coolant from +5 to +25°C...

This versatile range of circulation chillers replaces the need for expensive tap water cooling and is ideally suited to scientific applications and laboratory environments.

With compact, space saving design and attractively styled casework, all units exhibit quiet operation and powerful coolant delivery with low vibration. All are fitted with industrial strength castors allowing easy site installation and maneuverability.

Coolant Chillers (3 - 50kW)

Coolant Chillers - Self-contained, refrigerated cooling systems designed for immersion into existing fluid storage tank. Suitable for cooling water, soluble oil/water and neat oil from 10 to 20°C.

Cooling machine tool coolant and cutting fluids.

Standard features:
• Both single and three phase models are supplied complete with fused circuitry, motor protection, on/off switches and warning indicators
• Digital temperature control
• Refrigeration circuit fitted with over/under pressure cut-outs

Air-Blast Coolers (5 - 150kW)

Air Blast Process Coolers - Re-circulating coolant passes through air blown heat exchange radiators where process heat is transferred to ambient.

Our AB range of self contained dry coolers are non-refrigerated cooling systems. They are a cost-effective alternative to recirculating chillers for applications where precise temperature control and cooling below ambient temperature are not required. Typically, coolant will be delivered back to the process at approximately 10C above ambient, however, this is variable dependant on process load and external conditions.

Units are supplied as standard with an impressive array of safety features and are suitable for indoor and outdoor location.


Dry Coolers (25 - 1000kW)

Dry Coolers - Tube-fin heat exchanger/fan assembly for removing process heat from circulating coolant.

High efficiency, low noise, low power consumption, constructed from lightweight non-corrosive polypropylene. Complete with blade side guard.

Heat exchanger:
Manufactured using high efficiency double corrugated aluminum fin matrix with copper tubes. All circuitry is carefully selected to give optimum transfer capability. Optional fin materials are available to suit aggressive environments.

Pump pack module (optional):
Self contained system complete with non-ferrous/ stainless steel pump, expansion tank and fused control circuit housed within powder coated weatherproof enclosure.

Dry Cooler Options • Variable speed fan • Sequenced step control • Vertical coil orientation • Extra low noise model • Coated fins


Oil Coolers (1 - 5kW)

Thermal Exchange Ltd produces a wide range of fully packaged, self-contained Oil Cooling equipment including:

Oil Coolers - Air Blast (1 - 5kW). Re-circulating cooling oil passes through air blown heat exchange radiators where process heat is transferred to ambient.

•Oil Coolers - Water Cooled. Re-circulating cooling oil passes through oil to water heat exchanger where process heat is transferred to house water.

•Oil Coolers - Refrigerated. For accurate temperature control below ambient.

Air Liquid Heat Exchangers

Fan Coil Heat Exchanger - Tube-fin heat exchanger/fan assembly for removing process heat from circulating coolant.

The ALR range of air to liquid heat exchangers offers an ultra clean, stainless steel coolant circuit suitable for high purity deionised water.

Our tube-fin heat exchangers consist of stainless steel tubes expanded into copper fins and provide flexibility to meet a wide range of applications including water-cooled medical and industrial laser equipment. In addition to the standard modules, a computer aided design facility provides the ability to meet specific performance and dimensional requirements.

Water to Water Heat Exchnagers

Thermal Exchange Ltd produces a wide range of fully packaged, self-contained Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers.

Water-to-Water cooling systems utilise chilled house water to remove heat from process coolant. They provide a barrier thus protecting your process coolant from potentially harmful cooling water that may be contaminated by corrosion, bacteria, or may simply not be compatible i.e. oil - water. They are ideal for high heat load applications where precise temperature control (±0.2°C) is needed and chilled house water is available.

Heating & Cooling Systems

LAUDA Process Thermostats offer a complete range of closed, heating and cooling systems, circulating thermostats for external circulation of coolant for process temperature control -50°C to +300°C.

Calibration Baths

LAUDA calibration baths offer a range of heating and cooling, oil and water circulating baths for the calibration of high precision measuring equipment -40°C to +300°C.

Always accurate: LAUDA calibration thermostats
Temperature probes, temperature measuring instruments and thermometers are controlling means or measuring instruments subject to regular controls. The carrying out of these controls is generally legally regulated by national or international standards. LAUDA calibration thermostats reliably supply the exact temperature reference.

Viscosity Measurement - PVS

LAUDA viscometers offer a range of viscosity measurement equipment for high accuracy determination of oil, fuel and plastic viscosity using capillary viscometry methods.

Modular concept for viscosity measuring instruments
With the modular concept of the Processor viscosity measuring equipment PVS 1, measuring routines can be performed efficiently, quickly, safely, and with good reproducibility. It enables the automatic determination of kinematic viscosities using standardised capillary viscometers and an optimum adaptation to the requirements of the application with respect to sample throughput and automation. This unique modular system allows individual configuration of measuring systems, from one to four to even eight measuring stands, with automatic cleaning or automatic sample generator.

Viscometer - IVisc

The LAUDA iVisc is a capillary viscometer for the automatic viscosity measurement and evaluation of kinematic viscosity in accordance with DIN 51562 and ASTM D445. Furthermore, it opens up the possibility of calculating polymer data, e.g. SV-, IV- and K-values and the dynamic viscosities of oils, lubricants and beverages.

The iVisc can be employed in any test laboratory where viscosity values have to be determined. Other wide-ranging application examples can be found in quality control of polymer manufacture, in compounding and in the manufacture of plastic prefabricated parts.

Surface Tension Measurement - Ring Plate Tensiometer

LAUDA  offer a comprehensive range of surface tension measuring equipment, for high accuracy determination of dynamic, interfacial and surface tension of liquids, oils and numerous other solutions.

Application examples:
• Testing of cleaning water for detergent residues
• Determination and testing of the physical characteristics of solutions
• Development and testing of surface-active substances such as surfactants and emulsifiers
• Detection of surface-active substances in waste-water and other water

Surface Tension Measurement - Drop Volume Tensiometer

The LAUDA Drop volume tensiometer expands the options for measuring the dynamic surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids. In a unique process, the system can be controlled under Windows with minimum loading of the computer, even when multi-tasking.

New functions, such as individual drop measurement of up to 100 drops are now possible. The LAUDA Tensiometer TVT 2 consists of a measurement desk and a control unit. The core of the electronic component is a microprocessor that controls the discharge speed, the counting of the encoder pulses, and the communications.

LEDs and pictograms indicate the current status of the unit. Keys are provided for positioning the syringe plunger even in offline mode. During online operation, an RS 232 interface enables communication with the operating PC.

Surface Tension Measurement - Bubble Pressure Tensiometer

The fast adsorption processes of surfactants used in many applications are frequently not measurable using conventional tensiometers. Only the bubble pressure tensiometer enables the generation of short-life surfaces and measurement of the dynamic surface tensions that occur on those surfaces. The unique bubble pressure method used in the MPT 2 allows an optimised recording of the dynamic characteristic curves of surfactant solutions down into the sub-millisecond range.

Bath Fluids

LAUDA heat transfer fluids cover a wide temperature range of -90°C to + 350°C, and are designed for optimum heat transfer in all oil baths, bath and process thermostats including low temperature circulation chillers/coolers.

Lauda bath fluids offer important advantages: they allow highly accurate thermostating even at extreme temperatures, they are very durable, simple to handle, reliable, and safe. They are also optimised for a long service life of the thermostat and offer maximum environmental compatibility.

Tables can be consulted to determine which bath liquid is best suited for a particular temperature range and which thermostats the liquids can be used with. The information contained in the tables is based in each case on the temperature range of the bath liquid, as this is considered to be the limiting factor.

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