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Thermometers UK offers thermometers for all your temperature needs. There are UV Index meters for sun exposure. We also provide baby, ear and room thermometer with an adorable digital duck thermometer for the bath.

For kitchen use, there are food thermometers. For a cooking thermometer our range includes the dial meat thermometer, digital oven thermometer and even extends to your garden cooking, with our barbeque thermometer and bbq fork thermometer.

We have conservatory thermometers are available in both dial and digital design.

Home and Garden Thermometers

For the home and garden we have the budget Digital Thermometer. They are pocket sized digital thermometer for the home and garden and have a 120mm x 3mm needle probe, 19mm x 9mm display, C/F Selectable, Measurement range is -50 to 150°C, Min/Max facility, Includes 1 x AG13 Cell Battery & protective cover and clip.

Ensuring that both your refrigerator and freezer are working within the optimum temperature ranges is just as vital as making sure the food's cooked properly. The tube thermometer has easy to read face and safe temperature zone indicators. This gives you peace of mind that those two essential appliances are set accurately and economically.

Its features include 120 x 32 x 17 mm (4¾ x 1¼x ¾"), Range -20 to 60°F and -30 to 20°C and come with sticks, clips or hangs. 

Home and Garden Thermometers

Nursery Thermometers

Our fantastic bath thermometer beeps when the water is too hot. Quick and Easy to use, the duck switches on automatically when the body is lifted from its feet. LCD display on the ducks back tells you when it is safe for baby.

It features a clear LCD display and measures in centigrade. The bath thermometer has beeper warning after 45 seconds, and has an automatic power off. It is strong and safe - so your child can play with it in the bath.

Complies to the following regulations:

  • European Council Directive 89/336/EEC
  • EN71-1:2001 - Safety of Toys
  • ASTM F963 - Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety
  • WEEE Directive - Directive 2002/96/EC
  • RoHS Directive - Directive 2002/95/EC
Nursery Thermometers

Catering Thermometers

For fast, reliable and clearly displayed temperature readings see our full range of catering thermometers on our website.

Strong and compact, the SOLO is a fold-away probe and ergonomic display panel. It has simple temperature symbols for cooked, chilled or frozen zones. The smooth contours and easy-wipe surface are also specially designed to allow for easy cleaning.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, a unique hygiene feature is the adjustable colour-code system.

Catering Thermometers

Health Thermometers

We also provide an ear thermometer. It is compact and practical, and is an easy way to take temperature of a sleeping or feverish patient, young and old.

It features a clear LCD display with back light for night time reading. Remember, the use of this ear thermometer should never replace professional medical advice.

Health Thermometers

Industrial Thermometers

Industrial thermometers and compatible temperature probes provide high accuracy and are waterproof.

We have two ranges of handheld temperature probes, in both premium and budget models, cover a wide range of applications including Air probes, surface probes, general purpose probes and needle probes.

Industrial Thermometers

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