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New high resolution VisIR® 640 industrial thermal imager from Thermoteknix Systems Ltd is designed with all the tools needed for today’s industrial Predictive Maintenance programmes – with crystal clear images from a highly sensitive 640 x 480 uncooled infrared sensor, precise temperature measurement and the most powerful range of easy to use camera tools and unique Condition RED® database and software for your planned and routine Predictive Maintenance inspections.

With a unique rugged industrial housing, an articulated central optics pod

for ergonomic and safe operation and high contrast DayBright™ touch screen,

VisIR 640 provides high definition thermal and visual image clarity in any lighting conditions.

VisIR 640’s high resolution detector and digital colour camera make surveys more efficient and cost-effective. With integral LED illuminator/flash, laser pointer and voice recording, VisIR 640 is set to be the choice of thermal imaging cameras for professionals working in the industrial Predictive Maintenance arena.

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