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The GapGun is a wireless laser gauge used extensively across the world by major manufacturing companies, primarily in aerospace and automotive markets.

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With our extensive list of dedicated distributors, the GapGun is a truly class leading product, with the best ergonomics, repeatability and data handling capabilities in the world.

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As its name might suggest, the GapGun is designed to measure gaps. But that is just the beginning of its measurement capabilities. The GapGun can measure not just gaps, but shapes and forms such as flush, step, radii, weld profiles, mismatch, seals, scratches, and edge radius to an accuracy of 10µ.

GapGun RX - A New Era in Flexibility

The GapGun RX modular profile measurement system provides you with more flexibility than ever before to:

  • Control what you measure
  • Control how you measure
  • Control your costs
  • Control Implementation and scalability


Build and customise the GapGun RX system to meet your requirements. Choose from a range of hardware and software options : 

VChange sensors
Interchangeable VChange sensors

  • FOV 7mm,15mm, 40mm, 80mm with calibration artefacts and protective cover.

GapGun Link

  • Seamless data integration with customer’s own manufacturing and data systems.


  • Clip on battery pack
  • Head extension cable

Inline View

  • Ergonomic results view in a production line environment.


  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet
  • Standalone


  • Comprehensive measurement planning, data analysis and reporting from your PC

Same levels of performance and profile measurement capabilities as the GapGun Pro: 

  • Fast profile dimensional measurements
  • Repeatable, accurate results
  • Consistent measurements independent of operator
  • Up to 10µ typical repeatability
  • Unrivalled connectivity options
  • Robust construction 
  • Complete portability for operator flexibility 
  • Best user interface on the market


GapGun RX - A New Era in Flexibility

GapGun Pro - A revolutionary step in laser measurement

GapGun Pro joins the market leading range of non contact, profile measurement systems as Third Dimension's flagship solution.

With greatly improved speed, ease of use, portability and ruggedness, GapGun Pro measures gap and flush, radius, edge break, burr, countersink, scratch, weld, seal, angle and more, as the ultimate quality inspection tool.


Ultra Fast Measurement Capability: GapGun Pro’s superfast processor means that
measurements can be collected faster than ever before. Speed improvements up to 100% faster than previous models and up to 20x that over manual techniques, reduce cycle time and increase efficiency.

Unrivalled Connectivity Options: GapGun Pro stores data internally as it measures
and automatically connects to WI-FI for seamless
productivity. Results can be downloaded at any
time using integrated wireless link, USB port, docking station or Ethernet.

Best User Interface on the Market: Full colour graphical checkplans show operators how and where to measure. On-screen compass and colour coding guides positioning relative to the part, whilst sounds and vibrations alert operators of in/out tolerance conditions.

Robust Construction: GapGun Pro’s evolved, rugged design with shock protection sensor jacket makes it durable for a wide range of challenging and unique manufacturing environments.

High Resolution & Precision Measurement Capability: GapGun Pro can be specified with multiple field of view and resolution VChange sensor, to take a wide range of measurements. GapGun Pro RET (Resolution Enhancement Technology) uses over 4000 data points per measurement to give real world repeatability of 10μ or maximum feature size of 50mm.

Completely Portable for Operator Flexibility: GapGun Pro can operate completely standalone for around 4 hours with its high capacity internal battery, taking measurements with the same accuracy, reliability and performance as when tethered to a PC. For a further 6.5 hours autonomous use, simply attach it to its lightweight clip on battery pack.


Fully integrated wi-fi capability
Multipurpose desk dock
High resolution touch screen
VChange sensors with hi- range capability
Automatic synchronisation
Fully customisable to your requirements
Straightforward system guides
On screen results analysis
Export results easily
Share measurement planning

GapGun Pro - A revolutionary step in laser measurement

VChange Sensors

GapGun Pro includes Third Dimension’s ergonomic VChange sensor interface, which allows the sensor to remove, swap and reattach sensors, in just seconds, making multiple sensor use on the shop floor easier than ever before.

VChange Sensors

GapGun+ Series Product Range

Suitable for a wide variety of automotive, aerospace and other measurement applications, each system consists of:

  • A GapGun system type; choose from GapGun+, GapGun R+, GapGun MX+ and GapGun Robot+, each designed specifically with a feature set to suit to a diverse array of applications.
  • A GapGun sensor with UKAS traceable calibration certificate; interchangable sensor heads offer a broad scope for measurement size and accuracy.
  • SPC3d software for onscreen analysis, data logging, interfacing to third party SPC software, comparing to CAD data and creation/editing of checkplans or inspection plans.
  • A calibration artefact with UKAS traceable calibration.
  • Accessories, including flight carry case, standoffs, clip on battery pack, docking station and much more.
GapGun+ Series Product Range

GapGun Sensors

GapGun+ Series is routinely used completely non-contact, eliminating product damage during the measurement process, and increasing accuracy and repeatability. To help decide whether to use contact or non contact read about the use of standoffs during measurement.

Offering a broad scope for measurement size and accuracy, there are 4 field of view catergories and 2 sensor specifications to choose from:

 - Universal sensors

 - Reflective or Metallic sensors

For a more in depth look at the advantages of both U or M series sensor head, please refer to comparing GapGun U and M sensor heads.

GapGun Sensors

GapGun Software

SPC3d software is the central hub which allows you to configure inspection programmes or checkplans, and to distribute them to multiple GapGun systems simultaneously, to work with CAD data, measurement logging to text files and SQL databases, or for interfacing to third party software.

GapGun Software

GapGun Accessories

A wide range of accessories and spares are available, from power options to calibration and stand offs, enabling you to maximise the potential of your GapGun performance in a range of applications.

GapGun Accessories

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