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Enamel Pin badges are commonly used to communicate membership, reward achievement, and acknowledge affiliations. They are also used for promoting events, fundraising, product launches etc.  They can also be highly collectable.

There are many types of pin badges to suit your quality and price requirements, such as:

  • vitreous enamel badges, also known as cloisonné enamel
  • imitation hard enamel badges
  • cold or soft enamelled badges
  • Screen printed or process printed badges
  • etched badges
  • modelled relief badges
  • acetate button badges
  • Iron badges
  • tags

 If you are unsure of which is which, we can demystify this for you..

Product & Vehicle badges

For Vehicle Badges and Trim, Product Badges, Enamel Badges and Pin badge. Designers and craftsmen who mix their traditional skills with the latest design and production technology in order that theycan offer an extraordinary variety of products. These products are principally made to order for a wide range of clients around the world - from individuals and retail jewellers, to governments and corporations.

Product & Vehicle badges

Insignia Makers


  • National awards, honours and decorations
  • Civic insignia to include chains of office and pendants
  • Ceremonial maces, rods and staffs
  • Civic caskets
  • Civic silverware and ceremonial gifts
  • Illuminated scrolls
  • Heraldic shields
Insignia Makers

Medal Makers

For Medals to commemorate, to celebrate, to reward but always to treasure have a very long history. Portrait medals, commemorative medals, art medals, military medals, and tokens.

Medal Makers

Sword Makers

For UK, Commonwealth and bespoke ceremonial Swords,

Sword Makers

Trophy Makers

For a variety of bespoke trophies in various materials such as glass, acrylic and metal. Wooden shields and plaques also.

Trophy Makers
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