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Are you looking for a smart quality badge that lasts? If so, you have come to the right place.. For Expediency call us on 0161-748 0441.

In 1964 Fattorini set up a factory in Manchester, UK  entirely dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of plastic name badges.  We can offer you a large variety of quality name badges, to suit your precise needs. e.g.:

Guarantee - if you are not happy with the quality of your name badges that we supply to you after 30 days and you return them to us - we will refund you fully including all your postage.

"We design badges, we print badges, we engrave badges, we mould badges, we assemble badges, we supply badges ... it is in our blood"

Britain’s most experienced badge maker. Made in the UK


Custom & Bespoke name badges

Our speciality is custom bespoke badges.

We offer you choice and welcome a challenge especially if you have a specific idea or a strict brand quidelines that you would like us to follow.

Custom & Bespoke name badges

Re-Usable Name badges

We offer a large range of self-naming badges from the super robust badges such as the Slim-Line to the cheap and cheerful such as a Snap-Fit.

These and others can be named yourself either by using

  • P-Touch Tape
  • Perforated Paper (we supply this).
    Can be printed using standard office equipment
Re-Usable Name badges

Cheap and Cheerful basic badges

These are simple panel badges that can be made from metal or moulded in plastic depending on your design and needs. The badge in metal allow for metallic finishes such as brushed, matt or brilliant. The plastic are thicker and can be moulded in a colour to suit.

Both can have a domed finish if required

Cheap and Cheerful basic badges

Conference Badges : Nameholders

Nameholders (our acetate conference badges) are ideal for busy people managing small conferences and meetings. They are super lightweight yet very robust. They are supplied with perforated laser paper and a template to help you to print off your own badges. We can however pre-print your logo for you if you require. Perforated paper can be ordered separately in order that the badges can be reused as required. Coloured paper is also available on some sizes.

Nameholders are available in 3 sizes with a variety of fittings namely:

  • Pocket 75x25, 75x50mm
  • Pin 75x25, 75x50, 80x60, 100x65mm
  • Clip 75x50, 80x60, 100x65mm
Conference Badges : Nameholders

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