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Tier One Design are a Tamworth based design and development company dedicated to helping you plan, design and create your perfect website. Although we are based in Tamworth, we do offer a national service, so if you're looking for some web design and development in areas such as Lichfield, Birmingham, Cannock, Sutton Coldfield get it touch! With over 10 years in the Web industry you can rely on us to get you the best looking website out there.

Here at Tier One Design, we're all about customer satisfaction so we'll sit down and work wth you every step of the way throughout the planning, designing and developing of your website making sure you'll be overly satisfied with the end result. We will also provide you with the initial concept art for your website before you hand over a penny.

Our in-house developers are fully qualified web designers, coders, and open source developers. We primarily program in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Objective C, JSON, AJAX and MySQL but can also proficiently code in Microsoft .NET and Classic ASP. We also have Wordpress and Opencart specialist developers on hand to help you at any time during the day with any issues you have with your website.

 One of our more recent projects was for a good customer of ours, we custom built an opencart based website for them with over 10,000 products already available on there. The site is clean, fast and with our SEO (search engine optimisation) they're getting more hits to the website everyday. It's a vast improvement over their old website with loading times significantly faster partly due to our grid hosted server platform, so if it hits a certain load it will pull in the power of another server to boost performance.

We have also recently completed an ePOS based till system for a popular company in the midlands complete with a backend website database to view all transactions from across their stores over the UK in one central place. This has major benefits for them as they do not need to send paper work back and forward across the country from their stores to head office.

When it comes to trusting a company with your website and programming design projects, you need to select a business with the experience and staff to back up their promises. We can and will deliver the project you need on the deadline agreed upon. To see what we can do for you, contact us to learn how we can take your website design or application from an idea to a reality. 

If you want to see some of our recent web projects, visit our website and take a look. If you require any more information about us, the things we can offer or just a chat about what you're looking for give us a call. Our team are extremely helpful and will go that extra mile to assist you in anyway possible. 

if you're looking for any Web Design and Development, get in touch with us on 01827 230777 or email us at sales@t1d.co.uk. 

Bespoke Software Development

Tier One Design have been creating bespoke software for some time now, providing the service throughout the midlands in areas such as Tamworth, Lichfield, Birmingham, Cannock and Sutton Coldfield. 

We will assess, design and evaluate any specialist software that needs building for you, working along site you to keep you informed and updated every step of the way. We are a professional team dedicated to giving you exactly what you need, with multiple in-house experts we certainly have the knowledge and skill to undertake almost any task on your behalf. 

With our fully qualified in-house UK developers skilled in areas such as Visual Studio, Touch Screen Development, Barcoding, RDIF, Cash Draws, X10, Coin Mech, Thermal Receipt and Kiosks. We can also implement external services that can be used in conjunction with your new software such as PayPal, SagePay, Cashflows and more.

Some of the services we can offer are Embedded consumer software, windows applications, Mac OS X Apps, C++ for Windows and much more. We have recently just build a management and kiosk till system for a well know company here in the UK and it's currently working perfectly for them. With all transactions being recorded digitally and accessable anywhere in the world over the internet they are more than happy with the system

We currently support most platforms so whatever you need your software to run on, we can certainly handle it for you. We currently support and develop on Apple Platforms, Windows, Linux(CentOS, Fedora Core) and FreeBSD. We have recently build a custom ePOS till system for a large company based here in the UK, with all the stores transactions logged on a central website database so head office can view all accounts and transactions from all stores simulaniously. 

If you want some software developing that isn't mentioned here, get it touch and we'll see what we can do for you. With the wide skillset that our developers have, it should not be an problem to create whatever software you need, and on any platform you require it on.

Our main office is based in Tamworth but we cover the Midlands so if you're in the area or surrounding areas and are in need of some specialised bespoke software building please get in touch and we'll do our best to satisfy your needs. Contact us on 01827 230777 or email us at sales@t1d.co.uk

Mobile Apps

2013 is the year of mobile apps and responsive web design, and here at Tier One Design we have you covered. Having recently designed and built a few iOS Apps for our local radio stations and after releasing our project thats been in development for over 2 years to the public our mobile apps have been a huge success.

iManage is our business solution to the problematic paper job sheeting, quoting and invoicing. After developing it in-house for 2 years, we've finally released it for business use. We built an App for iManage and the feedback we've had so far has been positive, so we're building apps for other people and businesses.

Whether you want an app on Apples platform iOS, Google's Android, Windows Mobile or all of these, we can certianly hook you up with a fluid and great looking app. We're currently building iManage for Android by popular request, as we all know Android are a fraction of the cost then what Apple's devices are. This will open iManage up to the Android business market, so look out for that in the coming months. 

Having created our local radio station TCR.FM their own app for iPad and iPhone, with the fuctionality to play back music from the shows, and view the webcam live right inside the app they couldnt be happier with it, and neither can their listeners. They can send messages in to the studio and radio presenters from the app as well. Once we did TCR's app we immediately had a request from another radio station.

Mobile Apps are going to be a bit part of 2013 and the future and if you want one, we can build you one. Whether it's a social app, a photography app, a business app or even an companion app to go alongside your website we can design, develop and build it for you. 

If you're interested in getting your own app, give our team a call on 01827 230777 or email sales@t1d.co.uk

Website and Email Hosting

Here at Tier One Design, we believe a fast website is the base component of a great website that attracts people to it and keeps them coming back. Nobody wants to wait around for a website to load these days, if it takes more than 10 - 20 seconds to load a page, people have already left your website and are on another. This is why we offer one of the best hosting packages in the UK. All websites sit on a our clustered servers which gives you the processing power, memory and reliability of many servers which are clustered (or joined) together. Not only that, but because it spreads the load of hosting across multiple phyiscal servers, it allows for less downtime for you or your business, so if one server goes down it's not a problem for you. It also lowers the chance of different services interfering with each other.

We have designed a superb web hosting product at an amazing price. We offer an alternative service to 1and1, go daddy and such and we excel in customer support, level of cover, speed and locality. All of our servers are based here in the UK, not in another country such as Germany or America, this will instantly improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for you. As well as your website having one of the best up-times in the UK; multiple visitor hits, large databases or if your business applications calculate complex equations are a breeze and you will get almost instantaneous results with our service.

We also offer something most don't, Daily Automatic Full Site Backups. Corrupted web pages, hacked, over written, none of this is a problem, and when you combine this with the incredible speed (average of 8 times faster which is crucial to SEO) thanks to the multiple servers you really are getting one of the best hosting service providers you can get in the UK today. We also offer multiple script support such as Classic ASP & .NET, HTML, PHP, Pearl, CGI, and more, which many other hosting providers don't. 

If you are looking for fast, reliable and UK based website and email hosting, get in touch with our team on 01827 230777. 

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