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Here at Timko, we are one of the largest rope and twine suppliers in the UK. For over a decade we have been supplying the general public with fantastic quality rope and twines, at a fraction of the cost of the over-priced marine shops. As trusted rope suppliers in the UK, boat owners and sailors come to us to find all of their rope needs and at prices to suit their wallets!

Polypropylene Rope

Our unrivaled polypropylene rope is very affordable compared to other ropes. Our flexible polypropylene rope floats and absorbs a very small amount of water. It is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and oils.  Our blue polypropylene split film rope is suitable to a wide range of applications.  It is ideal for hundred's of uses including lashing & strapping.  It is widely used in agriculture, DIY, building trade, camping, general use, pulleys, winches, holding down tarpaulins, lashing nets to scaffolding, drawcord rope to pull cables underground, industry uses & domestic.  Polypropylene rope is the cheapest rope available on the market and is a very popular product.  Polypropylene rope is very strong and floats on the water, knots well and retains it's shape.  We carry a huge stock of polypropylene ropes ranging from 6mm diameter upto 28mm available by the metre, in a 220m commercial coil or supplied on a wooden drum in 500m lengths in 6mm, 8mm & 10mm.  In certain diameters we can also offer our polypropylene rope in various colours such as white, yellow, orange, black & red.  Also know as blue nylon rope we can offer superb deals on our poly rope and can also offer a next day delivery service to all mainland UK addresses if ordered before 2pm.

We supply a variety of polypropylene rope including:

  • 6mm Blue Polypropylene Rope Supplied In bulk 220m coil
  • 8mm Blue Polypropylene Rope Supplied In bulk 220m coil
  • 16mm Blue Polypropylene Rope Supplied In bulk 220m coil

Polypropylene Twine

We supply polypropylene twine suitable for packaging or just general use. Our polypropylene twines are available in standard white colour as well as other colours if required.  

Our balls of white, yellow and black polypropylene twine or string are a great general purpose twine which are used widely in agriculture, building trade, DIY, bailing waste, hanging carcasses up in abattoirs, horticultural, farming, tying up newspapers, fishing, crafts, garden, packaging and domestic uses.  We have the full range including 1400m, 700m, 450m, 350m, 280m, 170m and 130m available in 1kg, 2kg and 4kg balls or spools which are both fine and thick.  Our polypropylene tying plastic twine floats and it is very strong, light weight and has a low stretch.  This twine is manufactured in the UK and each spool is shrink wrapped with plastic not like cheap imports to protect the twine and also to make it easier to work with.

  • Strong, durable and easy to handle
  • 100% rot and shrink proof
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Excellent low price

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Our selection of twine includes:

  • Polypropylene twine 1kg 1400m per kilo
  • Polypropylene twine 2.25kg 280m per kilo
  • Polypropylene twine 2.25kg 350m per kilo
  • Polypropylene twine 2.25kg 450m per kilo

Nylon Rope

Our Nylon rope is the strongest of all ropes in common use. Our ingenious Nylon rope has a "memory" when stretched so it returns to its original length. It is fantastic for absorbing shock loads when lifting or towing. Our high quality Nylon rope lasts up to five times longer than natural fibre ropes, as it has good abrasion resistance and will not be damaged by oil or most chemicals. We supply both three strand Nylon rope and eight strand Nylon multiplait anchor rope.

Looking for wholesale nylon rope for sale, then look no further.  Our white and black 3-strand twisted nylon or polyamide rope is a very strong rope that is used mainly in the marine industry on boats or yachts for mooring ropes, warps and anchor ropes and lines.  We supply our nylon ropes in a range of diameters or thickness including 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm & 28mm.  Nylon ropes have excellent strength, high abrasion resistance and relatively high elasticity.  They are especially suitable for mooring, anchoring, winching, towing and agriculture.  

Decking Rope

Our decking rope is available in 24mm, 28mm, 32mm & 36mm diameters. We produce high quality decking rope from natural fibre such as manila, so you will nee to allow for shrinkage and variations in size when purchasing. Decking rope shrinkage is often between 8-10 percent. We suggest the rope is pre-soaked in a bucket of water overnight before you use the rope for the first time.  We also supply synthetic hemp decking rope in 24mm, 28mm, 32mm and 36mm diameter.

Make your garden & decking areas look fantastic with our decking rope.  We supply decking rope by the metre or in a 220m commercial coil in manila, synthetic hemp/polyhemp/hempex & sisal all at discounted prices.  We stock it in 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 32mm & 36mm diameters at low low prices.

Please note when using our 3-strand Grade 1 manila & sisal rope it is advisable to pre-soak the rope in a bucket of water for a couple of hours before you use it.  As with all natural fibre ropes it will shrink between 6 & 10% when wet , then when it dries it will revert to it's original length.  This should be taken into consideration when fixing the rope.  Synthetic Hemp, Polyhemp or Hempex decking rope is a strong synthetic weatherproof & waterproof rope that is made to look like natural hemp, it has a nice soft feel to it and is ideal for any timber decking project.  We also supply a full range of decking rope end fittings in a chrome finish, satin finish, matt black finish and brass finish in decking rope hooks, eye plates, rope cup ends and rope handrail brackets in 24mm, 28mm, 32mm & 36mm.

Sisal Rope

Our innovative natural fibre sisal rope holds knots well, is low stretch, and does not melt on contact with hot wires. We provide strong sisal rope in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm & 24mm by the metre or in commercial 220m coils. 

Sisal rope is a natural fibre rope and is made from the yarns of the plant sisal (Agava Sisalana). This cheap wholesale 3-strand twisted untreated sisal rope is one of our most popular products.  The fibre of the plant is extracted and made into yarns to make rope & twines out of it. Sisal rope is a strong rope that is especially resistant to sunlight and has little to no stretching. It is suitable to use both outdoors or indoors and it is often used for decking areas, as a decorative rope for timber work and also for applications like cat scratching posts and trees. It can also be used as a tug of war rope as the rope has a hairy feel to it so it is a great rope for gripping with. We carry a huge stock of sisal ropes including 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 24mm (1 Inch/1") diameter or thickness available by the metre or in a 220m commercial coil. Here at Timko Ropes we can offer superb deals on our sisal rope and can also offer a next day delivery service to all mainland UK addresses if ordered before 2pm.

Sisal Twine

We provide completely natural sisal twine, manufactured from the diverse fibres of the Agave. Our comprehensive sisal twine is extremely strong and versatile, popular for packaging requirements.  All our sisal twine/string are centre pull and is made from 100% natural fibres. It is suitable for use with parcels and is also widely used by many for handicraft projects. These Twines are very traditional in appearance. Their hairy and rough properties have been very popular for traditional general purposes, and they have been very popular for wholesale applications. Uses of this twine vary from upholstery, garden twine, parcel tying, and for the use on clothing/swing tags. It is available in 3 different spools/balls, two of them being 3-ply & one a 2-ply twine in different diameters and lengths.

Bungee Shock Cord

Timko Ropes Elastic Bungee Cord / Shock Cord Rope is built to withstand the toughest environments.  Years of development have produced a quality engineered durable Elastic Bungee Cord / Shock Cord Rope that will consistently allow better than 100% elongation and recovery making it ideal for marine and industrial applications.  We supply this in green, yellow, solid white, grey, red, solid black, blue, white with a blue fleck and olive or nato green in 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm either by the metre or on a bulk 50m or 100m plastic reel or spool.

  • Premium marine grade rubber core to ensure minimum 100% stretch characteristic
  • PP High tenacity polypropylene with added UV protection with a fine plait smooth construction
  • Long life wear resistance to abrasion and UV degradation
  • Not affected by water.

Nylon Braided Cord

Our nylon braided cord or twine are available in 1kg spools.  They come in a range of diameters including 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm and are 16 plait construction.  Supplied in white, black, green, blue, red, yellow and purple.  These braided cords can be used for hundreds of different applications at work or for at home including hanging pictures up, blind cords, kite lines, purse nets, starter cords, long nets, fox nets and drag lines.  Our braided nylon twine is a very strong and rotproof twine.

Below are the approx breaking strains for our nylon braided cord:

  • 2mm - 140kg
  • 3mm - 190kg
  • 4mm - 375kg
  • 5mm - 525kg
  • 6mm - 670kg

Tug Of War Rope

Here at Timko Ltd we manufacture and supply numerous tug of war ropes in various diameters and lengths made from both natural fibre rope such as sisal and manila but also from synthetic ropes such as synthetic hemp and staple spun polypropylene.

Whether you're using your tug of war rope for fun such as at a Summer fete, School sports day, team building & corporate days or for a tug of war association competition game we carry a huge stock catering for all.  

We make our tug of war ropes using either a natural fibre rope such as sisal rope or manila rope and also synthetic hemp rope and polypropylene staple spun rope.  Each tug of war rope are great looking and have taped ends to stop the rope from fraying and also a centre-start marker to determine the winning team.  We make them in various diameters from 20mm which are more suited for children all the way upto 36mm for a proper tug of war association game.  Length again is various from 5m all the way upto 36m.

Whilst The Tug Of War Association has specific rules regarding the diameter and length of a official competition rope, most of the time these won't be important as it is just a fun event for most people.

Mooring Rope

Welcome to the home of mooring ropes in the UK.  Our pre-spliced polysoft or softline mooring ropes, lines & warps are an excellent choice for mooring your boats, yachts and canal narrowboats.  We supply these in a full range of colours including yellow, red, navy blue, royal blue, black & white in 12mm, 14mm & 16mm in various lengths of 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m & 15m.  Our prices are for a pair of mooring ropes except for the braided polyester docklines.  We also supply pre-spliced nylon mooring lines in a range of diameters and lengths and pre-spliced polyester braided dock lines in navy blue and black, again in a range of diameters and lengths.

Softline or polysoft ropes are an excellent choice for mooring.  They have a high stretch characteristic which makes the rope very good at absorbing shock loads.

Manila Rope

Manila rope is a natural fibre rope made from the abaca leaves.  It is a hard wearing natural fibre rope and is used a lot by landscapers for decorating decking areas.  We supply a range of natural manila rope in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 24mm (1 Inch), 28mm, 32mm & 36mm available to buy by the metre or in commercial 220m bulk coils.

Cricket Boundary Ropes

24mm diameter thickness white polypropylene cricket boundary rope supplied in 220m coils with sealed ends each end.  Used for all local and national cricket grounds.  You will need 2 full coils of cricket boundary rope for a full boundary cricket pitch.  Rope is rot proof and UV stabilised.

Polyester Rope

3-strand Polyester rope is one of the most popular ropes in the boating industry. It is very close to nylon in strength but stretches very little and therefore cannot absorb shock loads as well. It is equally resistant as nylon to moisture and chemicals, but is superior in resistance to abrasions and sunlight. Good for mooring, rigging and industrial plant use, it is used as fish net and bolt rope, rope sling and alongside towing hawser.

Braid on braid polyester rope. Good all round line, most suitable for halyards,reefing lines, flag pole rope, topping lift and all control lines. Non kinking, with abrasion resistant cover, High Strength, Excellent allround line and easy to splice. Cover: 16-plait out of 100% Polyester white with colour coding core: Low Stretch Quality plait out of 100% polyester, highly resilient.

Synthetic Hemp Ropes

Our synthetic hemp rope is also known as hardy hemp, polyhemp or hempex rope.  This synthetic hemp rope has all the appearance of natural hemp rope with the advantages of using a synthetic material.

  • Manufactured to accurate diameters
  • Is UV resistant & does not rot
  • Won't swell or shrink when wet like natural fibre ropes such as manila or sisal
  • Floats in water
  • Is kinder to the skin than natural hemp

All these advantages and qualities make synthetic hemp rope ideal for outside use such as decking areas, stair ropes, handrails, the boating and marine industry, the construction industry, children's play areas, garden tree rope swings, climbing and fitness gym ropes.  The surface of the rope is soft to touch but easy to grip.

Synthetic hemp rope is available in many sizes and diameters ranging from 6mm upto 36mm.  We can supply our synthetic hemp rope in any cut length or in a commercial coil of 220mtrs.  We can also offer a next day delivery service to all mainland UK addresses if ordered before 2pm.

Gym Climbing Ropes

In this section you will find our Gym Climbing Ropes. Our Gym Climbing Ropes are made out of either 3-strand Polyhemp Rope or 4-strand Natural Hemp Rope. They are available in 28mm, 32mm & 36mm in polyhemp rope and 28mm & 36mm in the Natural Hemp Rope. They are available in 5m lengths all the way upto 15m lengths. One end has a hard eye spliced into it with a 16mm dia shackle so it easy to connect to.

Poyform Boat Buoys

The A Series buoy is the product that launched the Polyform story. This all- purpose buoy, with the signature "blue ropehold" has proven itself in the most adverse conditions. Marking gear used in heavy seas is no easy task. That's why more fishermen use Polyform A Series than all other buoys combined. You name it ocean, sea, river or lake and the A Series has been there. Put your trust in Polyform's most versatile and well-known product.

Polyform's CC Series mooring buoys share the same legendary history as the A Series. Developed shortly after the A Series, the CC has proven to be a valuable commercial buoy for over 50 years. It is used regularly as a mooring buoy, but because of its strength and flexible center tube it is used in many other applications. Long-line fisherman, fish farmers, geophysical researchers, towing, sonic exploration equipment, and many others find the CC Series to be the best buoy for the job. People who use Polyform's CC buoys can count on reliable performance, even in the most extreme conditions.

The CM Series Mooring Buoy has been designed to provide the ultimate in strength, durability and boat protection, giving increased security to any mooring. Polyform make two versions of mooring iron, one from galvanized steel with a protective vinyl-coated eye, and the other from durable stainless steel. To provide strength and security, each version features a 1/2-inch central rod, a large eye (4-3/8 inch diameter), and a swivel (1-1/2 inch wide). The CM-Series is a long tested standard in mooring buoy design and is preferred by many boaters worldwide.

In 1989, Polyform introduced the patented LD (low drag) Buoy to the commercial fishing industry. Hauling in a 700-lb crab pot in 30-ft seas is the most dangerous job in the world. That's why they created a buoy designed for faster, safer pickups, easing strain on both crew and gear. Polyform's LD Series is the best option for any application where a buoy is dragged or brought in and out of the water regularly. It is distinguished as the #1 buoy used in the commercial crabbing and fishing industries today, outselling all other dragged buoys combined.

Polyform Boat Fenders

Polyform has been producing the F Series fender for over 40 years and there is no comparison when it comes to quality, range of sizes and protection offered. The F Series fender has offered protection to the world's finest yachts and fishing vessels. Why? Because the owners and captains of these prestigious boats know that they can rely on Polyform's F Series fenders to offer the size, strength and dependability to protect their vessels from the rigors of the sea and weather. If you want the ultimate in protection for your boat, Polyform F Series fenders are the only choice!

Polyform's G Series fender has raised the bar for quality and appearance in utility fenders. Subscribing to the philosophy that quality does not have to cost more, they include ribs for extra strength, inflation valves for larger sizes and reinforced ropeholds for long-term durability. The versatile G Series fender comes in a variety of Polyform colors, enabling you to create the look you want for your boat.

Polyform's HTM Series fender has raised the bar for quality and appearance in utility fenders. Subscribing to the philosophy that quality does not have to cost more, they include ribs for extra strength, inflation valves for larger sizes and reinforced ropeholds for long-term durability. The versatile HTM Series fender comes in a variety of Polyform colors, enabling you to create the look you want for your boat.

he NF-Series Fender, one of Polyform's newest innovations, features multiple-ribbed, reinforced ropeholds, making it the strongest fender in its class. The NF Series is an extra tough, recreational-boating fender and a good choice for use in boat locks and tidal areas where fenders are exposed to high stress situations. The NF Series is designed to last and stand up in the toughest conditions as well as being compact for easy storage in smaller craft.

Selma Splicing Fids

The only splicing tool in the world to cover all splicing functions on a vessel is provided by Selma.  Selma splicing Fids (Needles) are made from highly polished stainless steel. They are patented Worldwide and each fid is embrossed with a manufacturers mark for authenticity. They are used for splicing doublebraids (braid-on-braid rope), 3-strand construction ropes & also hollowbraids ropes. They come in a protective case complete with detailed illustrated instructions. They are used in the marine, equestrian (Parelli), arborist & industrial rigging sectors for splicing Loop splices, eye splices, back splices & end-to-end splices.  They are available either in a set of 4 fids or a set of 5 fids.

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