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Here at Titan Products, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of temperature and light sensors to the HVAC and building management systems industry. We operate to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standards and have a fantastic reputation for providing high quality temperature and light sensors.

We use the latest design software to maintain our extremely high standards and produce bespoke solutions including:

  • Room Temperature Sensors
  • Averaging Temperature Sensors
  • Black Bulb Temperature Sensors
  • Outside Temperature Sensors
  • Duct Temperature Sensors
  • Immersion Temperature Sensors
  • Clamp on Temperature Sensors
  • Flying lead Temperature Sensors
  • High Temperature Sensors
  • Ceiling Mounted Temperature Sensors
  • Button Temperature Sensors
  • Plate Temperature Sensors
  • Window Surface Temperature Sensors

Humidity and Gas Sensors

We manufacture and supply an impressive selection of high accuracy humidity and gas sensors. Our humidity sensors are available as humidity only or humidity and temperature sensors combined. They are suitable for room, outside and duct applications and have a humidity accuracy of +/-2%.

Humidity and Gas Sensors

Input and Output Modules

We manufacture an assortment of input and output modules. Our innovative input and output modules include:

  • Digital Input Multiplexers
  • Analogue Output Modules
  • Analogue or Digital Input to Relay or Triac Outputs
  • Signal Converters
  • Phase Cut Modules
  • Power Supplies
  • Lamp Test Modules
  • Alarm Management Products
Input and Output Modules

BACnet Controllers

We manufacture a wide variety of application specific BACnet controllers suitable for fan coil, natural ventilation, multi-zone, chilled beam and other HVAC applications. Our products also include BACnet gateways and intelligent BACnet IO modules.

BACnet Controllers

Temperature Controllers

We supply high quality temperature controllers suitable for a variety of applications. Our temperature controllers include:

  • BACnet Control
  • Fan Coil Control
  • Room / Zone Control
  • Air Temperature Control
  • Flow Temperature Control
  • Compensation Temperature Control
  • Voltage Input Control
  • Electronic Thermostats
  • Set Point Adjusters
Temperature Controllers

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