TMS Vacuum Components

TMS is a young company with 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Precision Components for the Scientific / Analytical Industries, from Mass Spectrometers, Surface Electron Microscopy to Environmental Analysis and Semiconductor markets.

With our purpose built Clean Room and state of the art equipment were are able to meet your specification with out delay. Personal attention leads to effective feedback and quick reaction to change of specification.

Surface Electron Microscopy

We have invested a considerable amount of time and effort developing proprietary brazing techniques. TMS can offer you a wide range of cells for infra red or ultra violet environmental analysis.

The cells are normally made with a stainless steel or Kovar body with a copper filler tube brazed onto the side. The window materials used come from Sapphire, Calcium Floride, Quartz or Magnesium Flouride. We can make cells in Quartz or Sapphire with an optional graded seal filler tube to help the sealing.                              

Surface Electron Microscopy

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