Toolcraft Plastics (Swindon) Ltd


Toolcraft is an Injection Moulding, Toolmaking and Vacuum Forming company with 35+ years experience offering you a complete design to assembly service.

We can source, guarantee, service and modify  toolings from China and the UK. 

We offer short or long scheduled deliveries as we can hold stock for up to 6 months

Toolcraft Plastics of Swindon wiltshire offer a range of in-house services including

  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Packaging Trays
  • Vacuum Formed Trays
  • Injection mould tools
  • Antistatic Plastic Mouldings
  • Plastic Moulding
  • Antistatic Vacuum Forming 
  • Adaptable Vacuum Forming
  • Mould Tools
  • Pad Printing
  • Hot Foil Printing
  • Assembly trays & low cost packaging trays

With these services and 35+ years experience we offer a complete service from initial design & mould flow analysis to assembly

Using modern machines, ISO9001:2000 approval & advanced materials, we offer flexibility such as alloy mould tools or steel mould tools - thus helping you to meet requirements for shorter lead times & lower costs, at an approved quality level.

This flexibility is extended to plastic injection moulding & vacuum forming - you can choose anti-static or non conductive mouldings or select from our range of standard trays & racks made by non-conductive & anti-static vacuum forming and save time & money.

Modern machinery and advanced alloys enable Toolcraft to make your mould tools from £1,000 with one week's delivery and offer fast economical 2 part moulding.

Being a family business enables us to adapt the following services to your specific needs.

  • Toolmaking from 3D data using steel or aluminium alloys.
  • Injection moulding including insert, outsert & encapsulation moulding - 40+ machines, 10-180 ton, parts to 300mm² (12 "²)
  • Custom and standard vacuum forming to 610mm² (24 "²) in 0.3 - 6mm thick materials, various colours and types including antistatic & conductive.
  • Pad Printing
  • Foil printing
  • Ultrasonic Welding & Assembly.


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