Torquemeters Ltd.

The increasingly competitive nature of the aerospace industry and the need for the manufacturers of rotating machinery to improve efficiency has been responsible for many of the innovations that we have continued to provide. There is also an increasing demand for reliable permanent measurement of the torque and shaft power of installed machinery. This information is required to prove supplier?s performance guarantees; to monitor the deterioration in service; and to optimise the operation of sophisticated plant. The mechanical interfacing of torquemeters with rotating machines can also require detailed engineering skills and over the years we have built up a broad based platform of experience in this area. We have designed transmission systems to cover a torque spectrum ofa million to one at speeds in excess of 150 000 rpm. Our advanced methods of production and quality control guarantee the highest standards of precision and product quality.
In 1993 we obtained Quality Accreditation and we hold the following approvals:
  • ISO 9001
  • CSA
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