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We are specialist manufacturers of vacuum viewports. As well as vacuum viewports, we also specialise in a wide range of UHV, optical and x-ray components. We manufacture UHV viewports and components, vacuum brazed assemblies, x-ray anodes and x-ray sources, coated optical components and processes anti-reflection coatings.

Our range of ultra-high vacuum viewports is vast, competitively priced and available with a variety of coatings. Custom designed viewports can be quoted on request.

X Rays Anodes

Further to the manufacture of vacuum viewports, we also manufacture x-ray anodes and sources. To complement the manufacture of x-ray anodes, we provide a comprehensive refurbishment service.

We manufacture x-ray anodes to your exact specifications. Our x-ray anodes are manufactured in cleanroom conditions and key processes, such as brazing, helium leak testing and thin film coating are all carried out at the company.

Ceramic Breaks

Our vast component range includes options in ceramic breaks and ceramic feedthroughs. The ceramic to metal seals, processed in our recently acquired vacuum furnace, are fully UHV compatible and bakeable to 450 degrees Centigrade.

 As well as ceramic breaks and feedthroughs, this newly acquired range will also include CF and KF flanges. Please contact us now with details of any ceramic to metal seal requirements.

Vacuum Hardware

We offer an extensive variety of vacuum hardware and components to compliment the many UHV viewports we manufacture and supply.

With our vacuum hardware, fittings are supplied in KF, CF and ISO formats in 304L and 316L stainless steel. The range includes flanges, fittings, bellows and hoses. Seal components such as copper gaskets and centering rings are supplied competitively and promptly.

Filaments and Filament Assemblies

We manufacture and supply a range of iridium and tungsten filaments and filament assemblies for mass spectrometry, organic spectroscopy and x-ray sources. Many of theses filaments and filament assemblies are coated with thorium or yttrium oxide to improve electron emission.

We specialise in hermetic seals and this technology is used in the manufacture of filament bases. A complete filament manufacturing service is offered or customers' own filaments can be coated to their specification. Rhenium and platinum filaments can also be supplied and iridium wire and strip filaments at very competitive prices.

All filaments and filament assemblies are manufactured to UHV cleanliness standards and assemblies can be supplied promptly. Filaments can be vacuum flashed on request. Ionisation gauge heads and replacement filaments for the heads are supplied on request.

CVD Diamond

We have been appointed the European agent for optical and thermal CVD diamond, processed at The Plasma Laboratory, Hebei Institute of Laser in China. Natural diamond has always been of extreme scientific interest due to its unmatched properties including hardness, thermal conductivity, broadband transparency, chemical inertness and high temperature stability.  However, the cost of natural diamond substrates is prohibitive in most cases.  The big news in the last two decades is that CVD processes have been developed to the point where economical artificial diamond substrates are now readily available.

We offer CVD diamond substrates in various shapes for use in applications such as thermal mounts and laser windows as well as sealed into vacuum viewport assemblies for high vacuum applications. The CVD diamond performance is very close to that of natural diamond, so our customers can now take advantage of thermal conductivity that is five times that of copper and high transparency for optical wavelengths that range from 225 nanometers to beyond 100 microns.

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