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Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd have introduced a range of car seal devices. Our car seal devices are suitable for sealing valves open and closed for long term isolation. You can use the car seals in conjunction with tags to indicate car seal open and car seal closed.

Lock Out Equipment

We supply an extensive range of lock out equipment to implement safe isolation procedures and practices and thereby increase safety and reduce industrial accidents.

Our lock out equipment is used to prevent inadvertant or unauthorised energization of locked off equipment, thereby preventing unexpected startup of machinery. We supply high integrity isolation padlocks which include all operational safety features including:

  • Maintaining key/lock differ register for all customers
  • Safety padlocks supplied with one key
  • Padlock keys cannot be duplicated at high-street key cutters
  • Safety padlocks are key retaining when shackle is open.
Lock Out Equipment

Portable Valve Drive Tools

Portable Valve drive tools are designed to make light work of valve operation. For large valves which may be very tight to turn we have a portable actuator which can provide high torque to turning the valve wheel.

Similarly, some large gate valves or penstocks may have many hundreds of wheel rotations to operate the valve fully from open to closed. In this case, our portable valve drive tools can quickly rotate the valve wheel and significantly reduce the opening and closing time.

The tools can improve productivity and also reduce the risk of strain injury.


Portable Valve Drive Tools

Valve Interlocks

Valve Interlocks are used to lock valves and ensure that critical operating procedures are followed. When several must be opened and closed in a critical sequence, the valve interlock controls this procedure.

After each valve is operated, keys are trapped and released in a pre-determined sequence. The key which is released is coded in such a way that it can only unlock and operate the correct valve in the sequence.

Valve Interlocks are designed to fit any manual valve which may have a wheel or lever (wrench) operating device.

Each interlock incorporates a bespoke mounting kit design to create an exact fit on the host valve. Our valve interlock mounting kits incorporate some innovative features designed to reduce cost and reduce manufacturing times, enabling us to deliver faster

Valve Interlocks
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