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As the world of motoring advances at an ever accelerating rate, lubricants must keep up.

TOTAL Lubricants is an active brand that never stands still. We are daring and dynamic with a passion for being at the fore-front of technology. We invest in extensive research and development programmes to make sure we are constantly producing innovative products that always perform better than our last, whilst saving fuel and protecting the environment.

Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

Total offers a complete range of oils for your business (fleets of trucks, buses and collecting waste vehicles).

Total, the world’s fifth global oil company, puts its oil market expertise at your disposal by providing you with complete lubricant solutions for your fleet. To give a real and economic response to the requirements of more and more sophisticated equipments, TOTAL Lubricants, with its Research and Development Department, designs and develops innovative products adapted to the latest technical and environmental developments.

Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants

In the UK we have a full scale blending and filling facility capable of fulfilling bulk, IBC, 208L barrel and 60L drum requirements. With such a diverse product range, we are at your side to help you get the best of your plant and machinery and to accompany your development at both local and national levels.

Each industrial sector has a specific operating environment. Our knowledge and experience of industrial applications means that our products are suited perfectly to your requirements.

Lubricants Products For Agriculture

Total has extended its offer of services for agricultural professionals with a complete range of products dedicated entirely to farming equipment. For a concrete and cost-effective response to the demands of an activity forever in need of sophisticated equipment, Total designs innovative products that are tailored to the most recent technological developments.

Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

Choosing oils for your vehicles is not as simple now as it used to be. As the emission limits gets more and more severe, manufacturers are designing extremely complex engines. The demands a lubricant is facing are getting rather high. We are doing our best to comply with the new demands and to make the best possible products for your vehicles.

Marine Lubrication

Lubmarine is a worldwide network of partners and distributors centered around Total Lubrifiants SA - lubricants subsidiary of oil and gas major Total SA - supplying marine lubricants and services to the worldwide shipping industry.

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