TOX Pressotechnik Ltd


TOX Pressotechnik Ltd provides the optimum service for clinching. Our clinching services are a favourite amongst clients and are an environmentally friendly solution to many metal joining challenges.

Sheet Metal Joining

We have the leading sheet metal joining services, combining established technologies used for decades in mass productive environments in the sheet metal joining industries

Sheet Metal Joining

Joining Metal

We specialise in many techniques joining metal that are economic, versatile and environmentally friendly. Our most common method of joining metal is clinching.

Joining Metal

Press Technology

TOX press technology works to the highest standards and is tailored for your product requirements. Our press technology involves using pneumatic-hydraulic drives and electro-mechanical drives, both with outstanding benefits.


TOX piercing services are flexible to your requirements.

From sheet metals and plastics to textiles and foils our piercing system offers:

  • Closed and open cuts
  • Forming cuts; even/planar and solid cut edges
  • Single or several piercing holes with one stroke
  • Piercing, feeding and calibrating with one stroke

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