TQC Ltd has been supplying assembly and automation machine technology for over 25 years. Our assembly and automation machine technology can be designed to suit any cell layout and can expand if your specification changes at any time. The machines can be used in the medical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries for the assembly of both large and small components.

Leak Testing

We can supply standard and special purpose leak testing machines to suit customer specification. We have experience and knowledge in leak testing. We are able to assist you with the design and supply of the machine to meet your requirements.

Leak testing has many benefits including:  

  • Quantifiable leak test
  • Calibration to ISO9000 etc
  • Fast clean and dry test
  • Easily incorporated into automatic or manual line
  • Automated pass/fail limits
  • Automatic pass/fail marking
  • Data outputs for SPC analysis
Leak Testing

Plastic Machinery

We supply plastic machinery for moulded interior and exterior components to the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Our bespoke plastic machinery is supplied to you with our professional 24-hour customer support, backup and service callout for all projects large and small.

Plastic Machinery

Test Machines

Our specialist test machines offer excellent solutions for quality assurance testing. They are provided with full onsite software design, support and back up.

We can provide you with test machines for a wide range of products including:

  • Motors and mechanisms
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Fuel, water and oil pumps
  • Sensors and transducers
  • Distributors & ignition components
  • Clutch units
  • Lighting and switches
  • Valves
Test Machines

Design Consultancy

We offer an exceptional design consultancy service for all of your specialist test, automatic assembly and handling equipment. Our design consultancy uses our experience and interest in the development of new product designs to provide affordable solutions for difficult technical problems.  

Design Consultancy

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