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As a leading PCB antennas manufacturer, we provide unrivaled global RF PCB solutions. As well as our expansive PCB antennas manufacturer experience, we are world leaders in microwave and RF PCBs.

Our service includes:

  • World-class design and manufacturing
  • Personalised, confidential service
  • Industry leading substrate database

Antenna PCBs

We are suppliers of a wide range of high-quality antenna PCBs, starting from chip-sized terminal antennas up to patch and panel versions for Wi-Fi. Our products are used in an eclectic array of antenna systems.

Our antenna capabilities include:

  • Antenna PCBs - up to 2.8m
  • PMR/Tetra antennas
  • Wireless broadband antennas
  • 3G/4G antennas
Antenna PCBs


RF PCBs (radio frequency printed circuit boards) are integral to modern-day radio frequency and the design of wireless products.

Our RF PCBs are expertly engineered and refined to perform in the most advanced systems. Our decades of experience and combined knowledge and skill ensure all of our customers are supplied with products optimally designed and manufactured.


Embedded Resistors

The embedded passive technology market is continually increasing in quality and demand. For this reason we are continually improving on our quality and technological capabilities: A standard and ethos extended to our embedded resistors.

We are developing a process for embedded resistors to feature in our top end PTFE PCBs.

Embedded Resistors

RF Laminates

Not many other suppliers can equal our specialist expertise and knowledge of RF laminates. We supply a wide range of RF laminates and microwave materials from a number of major manufacturers.

We go to great lengths to maintain our leading position as RF laminates suppliers and our customers always benefit from the highest level of product and service.

RF Laminates

Fine Line PCBs

We have designed and developed an immensely high-resolution PCB capability. Our fine line PCBs technique is innovative and has particular application to higher-density microelectronic packaging for mobile portable electronics.

The interconnect technology of our fine line PCBs helps 'flip-chip' assembly, a key for many applications where signal performance and packaging need to be impeccable.

Fine Line PCBs

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