Trade Hydroponics

- YEAR FOUNDED are the most comprehensive stockist of hydroponics equipment in the UK. We provide everything the hydroponic grower needs to create their grow room, from a range of hydroponics systems such as NFT, Ebb & Flood and Wilma systems, to the nutrients, ventilation, ducting and lighting to maintain it.

We stock all the leading brands including Canna, Bcuzz, Vitalink, Grolux and Envirolite, and are currently more well known for being the home of Plug And Grow, our digital growlight (a combination of an Envirolite lamp and a batwing reflector) that is bringing the hydroponics revolution to the indoor grower.

Our prices are cheaper than anywhere else online, and our friendly service ensures customers not only trust us with their custom, but enjoy doing business with us.

TradeHydro is a member of The Online Electrical Wholesaler Group of companies.
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