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Trademark Registration & Trademark Search Services

Trademarkit are experienced trade mark consultants. We are experts in all matters relating to UK trade mark registration, European trade mark registration, and International trademark registration, trade mark law and brand protection. We provide free advice on how to register a trademark in the UK, and how to obtain a European trade mark registration, or International trade mark registration.

We can carry out a trademark search, advise you on the best options for the successful registration of a trade mark, and we can then register a trade mark for you. We will guide you through the trademark registration process. Our trade mark registration services are competitively priced and geared towards small and medium-sized businesses.

We aim to provide a comprehensive trademark registration service, providing full support on all aspects of trademarking and brand protection, including:


  • trade mark search services and trademark availability;
  • advice on brand protection and how to trademark;
  • trade mark registration in the UK and Europe;
  • international trademark registration;
  • trade mark oppositions;
  • trade mark infringement, conflicts and counterfeiting;
  • unregistered trade marks and passing off;
  • assignment and licensing of trade marks;
  • renewal of trade marks.


Do you need to register a trademark in the UK but don't know where to start? Registering a trade mark can be a complicated business. We offer free trademark advice, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about trade mark registration or any aspect of trade mark law. We will advise you how to trademark your brand so as to best protect your intellectual property rights. Whether you want to search a trademark, need advice on UK trademark law or intellectual property, you will receive immediate practical legal advice completely free of charge.

UK Trademark Registration

UK Trade Mark Registration, UK Trademark Search & UK Intellectual Property

A UK trademark registration will give you the exclusive right to use your trademark in the UK in respect of the products for which it is registered. Registering a UK trademark will enable you to prevent others from using not only the same trade mark, but also any confusingly similar trademarks in certain circumstances. Only a trademark registration will provide this legal right


We offer low-cost professional trademark registration services enabling you to register your mark from only £320.

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