Trafag (UK) Ltd


Trafag is a leader in the implementation of CANopen technology for use in highly demanding areas of application. Through its membership in the umbrella organisation CiA (CAN in Automation), Trafag was instrumental in helping to establish the Standard of CANopen Technology.

CANopen Pressure Sensor

At a very early stage, Trafag already built up experience in the programming of CANopen and was one of the first manufacturers of pressure transmitters to bring an acceptable product of serial manufacture to the market.

Level Transmitter

Reliable hydrostatic Submersible Transmitter with excellent price-benefit ratio. Measuring ranges from 0 to 0.1 through to 0 to 25 bar are available.

Trafag Gas Density Measurement Devices

Our gas density measurement devices are first-rate, top-quality products developed over the last 30 years. We supply gas density measurement devices that work under extreme conditions and are used by leading companies in the field of high and medium voltage technology.

Gas Density Sensors

We offer fully electronic gas density sensors as alternative devices to mechanical gas density controllers. Our gas density sensors allow continuous acquisition and analysis of measurement values. We supply gas density sensors suitable for use in the open without any protection.

Gas Density Monitors

At Trafag, we supply gas density monitors designed to measure the density of SF6 gas (sulphur hexafluoride gas) directly, and not via a temperature-compensated manometer. Our gas density monitors do not require an electrical energy supply and are equipped with high-performance micro switches.

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